Google Suspends Outside Research for Pixel 4’s Face Unlock

We all know that Google is working on its own Face Unlock feature for the Pixel 4. If all things go according to plan, this feature should rival what Apple has been doing since the days of the iPhone X, or iPhone 10.

Now, not too long ago, reports on the web claimed that a Google contractor took advantage of the homeless in a bid to improve the Face Unlock software. From what we’ve gathered, the contractor would give a homeless person a $5 gift card for the purpose of scanning his or her face.

The contractor even went as far as to trick college students who had no idea what was going. The primary reason behind these tasteless actions is for the Face Unlock feature in the upcoming Pixel 4 to recognize various skin colors and faces.

A recent report from The New York Times, says Google has suspended the program and has since opened an investigation into the allegations. The company did not share a lot of details with the publication but didn’t shy away from admitting that contractors from Randstad were hired.

The search giant had little to say in the matter in terms of coming forward, because the sitting attorney of Atlanta, where the alleged incident took place, sent an email to Google that should have those at the top a bit concerned.

“The possibility that members of our most vulnerable populations are being exploited to advance your company’s commercial interest is profoundly alarming for numerous reasons,” according to the attorney, Nina Hickson.

Chances are, these allegations could make for a difficult launch for the Pixel 4, but time will tell what happens.

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