7 Surprising Quality of Reolink Go 4G-LTE Mobile Security Camera


For over some years now, Arlo has been at the frontline when talking about wire-free security cameras. Moreover, the company was one of the first manufacturers of battery-powered security cameras. As well, took a huge boost with the launch of the LTE-enabled Arlo Go. But today, lots of smart home companies are now breaking downs with various Wi-Fi cameras. These are made for easy home surveillance, and there comes the Reolink Go Wire-Free 4G LTE mobile security camera.

7 Surprising Quality of Reolink Go 4G-LTE Mobile Security Camera

Today marks another adventurous discovery for Reolink with its groundbreaking and innovative Reolink Go Wire-Free 4G LTE mobile security camera compatible for every home worldwide. At a particular moment where connectivity was the main priority in customers’ daily live. Whereby Wi-Fi and power supply were difficult to access. The Reolink Go designs to help users monitor and secure everything that looks insecure or vulnerable on the spot even on the go. However, learn more about the Reolink Go security camera and its built-in features.

Overview Features of the Reolink Go Wire-Free 4G LTE Mobile Security Camera

Reolink Go is a 100% wire-free mobile HD security camera that operates with network connectivity such as 4G-LTE and also on a 3G network. The security camera is an ideal video monitoring solution that comes with no wiring hassles, no cords. Also works in areas with little or no access to wi-fi, no electrical power supply.

Reolink Go 1080p Full HD & Starlight Night Vision

See images/video in more brightly and incredible color with true 1080p Full HD quality resolution. The camera covers a 110-degree wide-angle view of your backyard or living room and access to stream live views in sharper & clearer viewing quality than 720p cameras. Also due to its enhanced starlight technology of 2 megapixels, Starlight CMOS Image Sensor makes the camera more effective even at night.

Smart & Instant PIR Motion Alerts

With notification features such as email alerts, push notification, siren, and customized voice recordable alert provides maximum assurance that you won’t miss out on any events that as do with live viewing on your mobile phone. Whenever, when an event is detected or passes through the eye of the camera immediately sends you an alert for you to check.

Multi-Screen Live Streaming 

Reolink Go allows users to share their live streaming with friends, spouses, and even your kids by connecting it to an unlimited number of devices via the Reolink phone app. However, you can manage at least 8 cameras at the same time and set up the multi-screen live streaming for up to 36 screens on desktops & 16 channels on phone.

2-Way Audio, Hear, and Talkback

This gives you the advantage you need to communicate with your kids, the delivery man, and pets with a built-in high advanced speaker and microphone. Whereby you can say hello to your kids and also listen to the respond to the reply.

Remotely Live View and Playback

Stay connect anytime anywhere around the world with home using the free Reolink App and Client on iOS/Android smartphones or via Windows/Mac computer. You can also access live view and playback video whenever both your phone & cameras are connected using the same network.

Multiple Charging Methods

Reolink Go comes with various charging ports with a 7800mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery. Plus, a long-lasting power per charge with the use of a universal DC 5V 2A phone power adapter. Also, you can purchase the Reolink solar panel to allows provides extra power.

Cloud and Local Storage

Again, the Reolink Go provides a storage capacity that stores all video features to the Reolink cloud or the SD card whenever the camera detects motion.

In addition, the Reolink Go operates with a 3G and 4G-LTE connectivity network. The camera is built with IP65 certified weatherproof to help protect your devices from unfavorable conditions.

How to Set up the Reolink Go Wire-Free 4G LTE Mobile Security Camera

If you haven’t acquired the Reolink app, you can download it from your iOS or Android Phone via the Google play store or iOS app store. First of all, you need to activate the SIM card and turn on the camera. Then start the setup of the security camera by simply using the Reolink App immediately you heard the voice “Network connection succeeded”.

  • Tap on the plus icon at the top right corner to start the configuration.
  • Use your device camera or phone camera in other scan the QR code on the back of the camera. In case the phone doesn’t respond. Then click the Enter button below the scan window. Then you can use the 16-digits characters option in which you can access under the QR code of the camera.
  • Create an account and next to continue.
  • Next name the camera, set the time, and click next to enter the next page. 

In addition, ensure that you check thoroughly through the tips giving and click Use now to finish the Initialization. Afterward, once the initialization is completed and then you can select the position where you want it to be. Visit Reolink Go website for more info.


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