Best Affordable Pet Insurance


What are the best and most affordable pet insurance companies? One of the good ways to add financial security to your home is to have pet insurance. This will help protect you against having to pay full unexpected bills if your pet gets sick or injured.  The best and most affordable insurance companies enable you to customize coverage based on your budget and protection and protection need. Also, offers discounts and access to licensed vets for advice as well as options for routine care and wellness.

Best Affordable Pet Insurance

Meanwhile, purchasing the best pet insurance policy requires careful shopping because the policies are not standardized. And the range of options makes it very difficult to compare plans. That is why, we have evaluated top pet insurers in the country to find the ones with the affordable and best combination of coverage, consumer experience, financial strength and plan options, In this guide are the companies we have considered to b the best and most affordable companies in the United States.

5 Best Affordable Pet Insurance Companies

Without much ado, below are the 5 best and most affordable pet insurance companies right now. Check out this section and get more enlightened.


Embrace is one of the best insurance companies that offers its customers many ways to save on their premiums. You will get a 10 % discount automatically when you insure more than 1 pet. Activate veterans and military members can get a 5% discount in every state in the USA except for Tennessee and New York. And for every year that you do not file a claim, your deductible will automatically drop by $50. This Company has a large range of coverage limits and deductibles to choose from.

Its standard accident and illness plan include physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and other alternative therapies.  Also, it makes the payment for covered conditions. And reimburses for behavioral treatment as long as the veterinarian offers them.


Lemonade is another incredible pet insurance company. This insurer is known for its affordable premiums, extra coverage adds-on, high coverage limits, and wellness. Lemonade has an amazing mobile application and website. Its mobile app features AI technology and enable you to get quotes easily, sign up for a policy, and file claims. The company has good customer reviews and offers other insurance products such as renters insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and more.


Just like Lemonade, this insurance company offers a mobile app. However, you can make use of Figo pet Cloud for more than paying bills and filing claims. You can easily organize your pet’s medical records, meet with other pet parents, live chat with the vet and look up nearby groomers or dog walkers. Figo is another insurance company that offers affordable policies.

The company offers three accident and illness plans with various annual reimbursement maximums ranging from 5 thousand dollars to unlimited. Its coverage is comprehensive including, hereditary conditions, non-routine dental care, and alternative treatments. You can even add more options such as coverage for vet exam fees and wellness care.

Pets Best

If you are looking for different ways to customize your price and coverage, Pets Best may be the right option. Pet Best has 3 tiers of accident and illness coverage plus an accident-only plan and two wellness add-ons. This will help increase your chance of finding the insurance policy that fits your budget and needs. For large expenses such as surgeries, you can be with this company to help pay your vet directly, so you won’t have to pay much upfront.


Formally called PetFirst, MetLife pet insurance company offers different ways to save on your policy depending on where you work and live. Healthcare workers, first responders, current members of the military, veterans, and staff at the animal care facilities may all qualify for a discount. Also, you may save on your policy if your employer offers MetLife pet insurance as an employment benefit.

The company also stands out for its broad coverage which includes things like congenital and hereditary conditions, prescription food, alternative therapies, and dental illness. However, the claim process is not very easy. You will have to download and fill out the form and then submit it back through the company’s online portal, email, or text.


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