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How can I do online banking in Commerzbank or how do I activate online banking? These are popular questions people ask when “Commerzbank online banking” pop-up. It’s however essential to question yourself with certain things to give you the confidence of banking online. Commerzbank Online Banking is one of the products and services offered by Commerzbank AG. It provides a convenient and secure way to bank without needing to visit the branch. Directly from the palm of your hand, you can access various banking tools such as paying bills, transferring funds, checking balances, and more.

Banking with Commerzbank Online Banking on Laptop

In the meantime, Commerzbank also referred to as Commerzbank AG is one of the top German banks operating as well as a universal bank. According to reports, the bank is considered the 2nd largest bank in Germany based on the total value of its balance sheet. Commerzbank has over 12 million customers in Germany and 5 million customers in other countries such as Central and Eastern Europe. Its customers are open to activating their online banking for a more easy and convenient way to make the transaction faster and safer.

In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about Commerzbank Online Banking and also visit the official site to get a better understanding of the banking service.

What is Commerzbank Online Banking?

Commerzbank Online Banking or digital banking is a secure, fast, and convenient way for customers of Commerzbank Bank to access and manage a wide range of financial transactions through the official website. “” is the official Commerzbank Online Banking website. This is operated by the financial institution to provide customer access to banking services. For instance, if you want to make a transfer or pay bills, directly from the website, you can conduct financial activities.

Commerzbank offers all its customers a proven capability and long-standing experience in online banking and ensures the secure and convenient service you need. Through online banking, you can find easy ways to Online Access and also Accounts. The Commerzbank Banking App is another interesting place to be when it comes to banking from the comfort of your home or office. Its mobile banking app is a quick, secure, and easy way to bank whenever you want.

Benefits of Commerzbank Online Banking

The most beneficiary aspect of online banking is that it provides convenience to bank whenever you want. Instead of rushing to the bank branch to complete a transaction, with ease, you can do that from your laptop or mobile phone. Here are the benefits of Commerzbank Online Banking:

  • It’s a secure, free, and easy way to bank.
  • Transfer between two accounts and also allows you to control your transactions.
  • Set up a standing order not to miss out on any payment before the deadline.
  • Simple online banking settings that allow you to change your login data, manage your TANs activate online banking, and more.
  • 24/7 customer service and appointment arrangement.
  • Receive important documents and information directly to your personal inbox.
  • Access to your tax information and everything you need to know about your exemption order.

In addition, you can perform all financial activities directly from the online banking platform. Interestingly, you can customize your online access to the way you want or choose.

Requirements Needed to Open Commerzbank Online

Before you can get started with Commerzbank Online Banking, you need to know the requirement needed to open an account with Commerzbank. Here are the following requirements you need to open an account:

  • Must be a German resident or a resident in the country where Commerzbank operates.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Account (IBAN), Customer number/bank code, or Deposit number/sort code
  • Identification document

However, the requirement to apply for online banking depends on what you are using to open an account either with the Commerzbank IDENT process or on paper with a signed application.

How to Open Online Banking in Commerzbank

Opening an online banking account with Commerzbank provides you with several opportunities to manage your money and also perform various financial transactions. Most importantly, after signing up, you can sync your banking access data to the free Commerzbank banking app. Here is the following step to open online banking:

Apply for Online Banking with Commerzbank IDENT Process

  • Visit the application form for your online banking with Commerzbank IDNETOnline Banking.
  • This will direct you to the application page.
  • Fill out your first name and last name.
  • Then, select an identification document that you will use for the autoIDENT.
  • Enter your email address and phone number for autoIDENT and processing queries.
  • Choice a customer connection and enter account owner.
  • Select your age.
  • Next, select the desired access data and fill out the information.
  • Tap, Further.

Apply for Online Banking on Paper with a Signed Application

That’s all you need to register for online banking with Commerzbank. Now, you can download the online banking application with your Commerzbank IDENT-ID and complete the rest application.

How to Activate Commerzbank Online Banking Account

If you want to access and manage your existing account online, then you need to activate your account. Here is the following step on how to activate online banking.

  • Open the Activate an account.
  • Then, enter your Login Name/User number.
  • Next, enter your PIN
  • Click Login now.
  • Open the option “Administration & Tools” and click “photoTAN”.
  • Click Activate.

Once you click “Activate” you can follow the on-screen instruction and fill out the required information to activate your online banking.

Check Out >>>> Login – Manage Your Commerzbank Online Banking


How do I log into online banking?

Simply, visit and click Login at the top right corner of the page. Then, enter you’re your Login name/User number and PIN. Click Login Now to log in to your online banking.

How do I change my online banking PIN?

Log in to online banking to change your PIN. Then, select the option Change PIN and enter the desired PIN twice. Afterward, you can follow the on-screen instruction then your PIN will be automatically active and ready for use.

How do I change my username?

Simply, log in to your online banking to change your username. Enter a TAN to confirm your change and then your new username will be activated.


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