– How to Activate Your New Conn’s Credit Card


You just received your Conns card from the mail; you cannot use it just yet unless you activate it. The card activation process is the first procedure to go through to get your card active and working. is the official portal where you can activate your Conns HomePlus credit card. - How to Activate Your New Conn's Credit Card

Conns HomePlus credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. A credit card is a simple store card that allows customers to shop while building their credit. It is a convenient and comfortable financing option for customers. With a Conns HomePlus credit card, you can even purchase items and pay over time while you enjoy a special financing option. is a verified official portal where you can conveniently activate your new Conns HomePlus credit card online. The process is very straightforward and basic. To get your card to start working for you, you will need to activate your card the instant you receive it from the mail. Meanwhile, the reason card activation is compulsory for all new cards is that you will need to confirm you receive your card by activating it with your card number.

Conns HomePlus credit card requires that all new card members must activate the card before they can shop with their card or enjoy bonuses on their card.

Why you need to Activate your Conns Credit Card

To get your card active and working, then there is an important need that you to activate your card. If you don’t activate your card, you cannot use the new card. Hence, the reason why you need to activate your new card is to get the card to start working. Also, to make purchases, pay your bills conveniently, check your credit card balance and enjoy special financing options, you will need  Here are some of the reasons to activate your new Conns HomePlus credit card.

  • To enjoy special financing options
  • Save more money during shopping
  • Make payments conveniently in-store, in-app, and online
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • Get low payments on great products

These are some of the benefits you get when you activate your Conns credit card online. If you have never gone through the activation process before, don’t worry, you will learn how to activate your credit card.

Requirements Needed for Conn’s Credit Card Activation Online at

To carry out the card activation procedure successfully, certain requirements are needed. Your card information is very vital to activate your new card. Below are the requirements for

  • An internet-connected browser
  • New card number
  • The correct Conns activation site URL
  • Social Security Number

These are the required details that you need to get your card activated instantly.

Conns HomePlus Credit Card Activation Online at

Conns HomePlus card activation procedure at is very convenient and easy. This is because you don’t need to queue or call the customer support service. You can activate your card at your convenience. Follow the steps below to activate your Conns credit card.

  • Go to on your web browser
  • On the homepage, click on ‘Activate Now
  • This will direct you to the shopping page
  • Select any product to continue the activation process

Follow the onscreen prompts to complete your activation. Ensure that you finish the process to get your card activated.

Log in to manage your Conns HomePlus Credit Card

You can also manage your Conns Credit card conveniently from your mobile device. You can shop make payments, check the balance on your card, track your order, and much more from your mobile device. All you have to do is log in to your Conns credit card account online.

With these last steps, you will successfully log into your Conns customer account online. Now, you can make payments, pay bills, check the balance on your credit card, and much more.

Conns Customer Service

Do you have any issues with your Conns HomePlus credit card, then you should contact the Conns customer care service immediately to help you resolve them. Go to and select the description of your problem. A number will be provided that you can call immediately. Conn’s customer service is available 24/7.


How do I apply for a Conn’s credit card?

To apply for a Conns HomePlus credit card, kindly go to to start the card application process.

How do I pay the bill on my Conns credit card?

Go to login to your cardmember account online and follow the instruction to start the card payment.

How do I activate my Conns Credit Card?

You can visit the official website at to activate your card. Alternatively, if you received your card with a sticker on the front, you can call the number on the sticker to activate your card via phone.

Does Conns use Synchrony Bank?

Yes, Conn’s credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank and this provides you with a convenient way to apply for Conn’s HomePlus credit card online. You can use the card at all of Conn’s HomePlus stores.

Where can I find my Conn account number?

You can easily locate your account number in your coupon book. But for new customers, your account number will be forwarded to you through your email.

How can I pay my Conn’s Credit Card issued by Synchrony?

You can make use of the online portal to pay your Conn’s Credit Card at Synchrony Bank. Plus, you can also pay your credit card bill by phone by calling the customer service line.  


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