Do marketing managers make a lot of money?


Do marketing managers make a lot of money? Want to find out if marketing managers do make a lot of money, you can continue reading this article. Marketing is one of the most reputable careers you can actually go for. It doesn’t matter the skill, experience, quality or strength, you have even if it one of the requirements to qualify to a marketing manager, you can always find a marketing role that suit your preference.

Do marketing managers make a lot of money?

These is no fact denying marketing manager do earn a lot of money. But this actually depend on the role you’re applying for and also the company you want to apply for a marketing manager. The bigger the company, the bigger the money you receive. Basically, it difficult to determine the actual payment you might receive as a marketing manager. This is because it left for the company to decide how much they can afford to pay you. But according to salary and compensation resource from Payscale, we where able to come to an assumption of the potential income you might receive on various roles of marketing.

Do marketing managers make a lot of money?

Find out more whether marketing managers make a lot of money.

Marketing Manager

Generally, for marketing manager, according to Payscale, you earn an average of $66,802/year. This includes base salary, bonus, profit sharing, and commission. According to Payscale, the salary varies on your level of experience as a marketing manager. This is why your qualification actually determine how much you can earn as a marketing manager. A marketing manager is someone that monitor and manage the company adverting campaign or merchandising sales campaigns.

Marketing Director

Under the umbrella of marketing, we also have the marketing director. The Marketing director has more power than the marketing manager. However, the marketing director also takes the responsibility in managing and directing the various tasks in the marketing sector. As a marketing director, you get to receive $91,082/year and this also depend on the level of experience as a marketing director.

Marketing Research Director

A marketing research director also holds a top position in marketing which makes research of the latest development around the world of marketing. A marketing research director operate with a large number of other marketers or marketing team in laying out marketing strategy through their research.

For this particular position, according to Payscale, an average marketing research director salary per year is about $112,546 and this also depends on the level of experience. However, you can find out about the various areas of marketing and also their salary by vising the Payscale website page.


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