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Elderly Care Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship – Do you know there are over 30,000 job vacancies available for foreigners in the healthcare sector in USA? Yes, currently, you can work as an Elderly Caregiver in the USA and earn more than $50,000 per year. The median annual wage for elderly care aides is about $30,000. The lowest percent earned less than $22,620, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $37,010.

Also, working in an industry like Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities earns about $55,940, and in Other Investment Pools and Funds earns about $38,000.

The good part is that you can have a chance to enjoy the visa sponsorship offers made available for foreigners. Surprised right? Well, many homes and health institutions offer Visa sponsorship to foreigners who are eligible for Elderly Care Jobs in USA

Presently, the role of a caregiver is very important in the United States. Families, governments, and health institutions are looking for individuals who can help look after seniors and the elderly. Thus, creating good job opportunities for citizens in the USA as well as foreigners.

As a foreigner who has been wishing to migrate to the United States, this is a nice opportunity for you. However, when applying for Elderly care jobs in the USA keep in mind that not all health institutions offer Visa Sponsorship to foreigners.

Follow this write-up to the end to know where you can find Elderly Care jobs in the USA for foreigners.

What is the Average Salary of an Elderly Caregiver in USA?

Just so you know, the salary paid to a Caregiver depends on different factors. However, the average salary of an elder caregiver in the USA falls in the range of $30,000 to $40,000 per year and $14.50 to $15.50 per hour. But if you have more experience in this field, you can make up to $50,000 per year.

Salary for Elderly Care Jobs in USA

There are various factors that influence the salary of elderly caregivers in the United States. We have state, location, industry, and others. Here is a table that shows the salary:

National Estimates

EmploymentMean hourly wageMean annual wage

Percentile wage

Percentile10%25%50% (Median)75%90%
Hourly Wage$10.82$13.03$14.51$16.40$18.44
Annual Wage$22,500$27,100$30,180$34,110$38,350

This table shows the national estimates for elderly care aides which are $14.87 hourly wage and $30,930 annual wage.


Industries with the highest demand for elderly caregivers:

IndustryEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Individual and Family Services1,815,870$14.87$30,930
Home Health Care Services878,310$14.26$29,660
Residential Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Facilities288,300$15.39$32,010
Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly237,370$15.45$32,140
Nursing Care Facilities (Skilled Nursing Facilities)47,860$15.44$32,110

Top earning industries for elderly caregivers:

IndustryEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities40$26.89$55,940
Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities510$19.78$41,150
State Government, excluding schools and hospitals20,160$19.56$40,680
Educational Support Services8$19.30$40,150
Other Investment Pools and Funds680$18.27$38,000

The following table shows industries with the highest level of employment and top-paying industries for elderly caregivers. According to the table, Individual and Family Services has the highest level of employment of 1,815, 870 with a salary of $14.87 hourly wage and $30,930 annual wage.

For top-paying industries, Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities pays about $55,940 annual wage and $26.89 hourly wage.


Here is a table that shows the highest employment level in Elderly card jobs:

StateEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
New York504,160$17.11$35,590

top earning states for elderly caregivers in USA:

StateEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
North Dakota6,630$17.26$35,910
New York504,160$17.11$35,590

The table drawn above shows the highest level of employment and top earning based on state/location. If you are looking for a state with a high level of employment you can travel to California and earn $32,760 on a $15.75 hourly wage.

Washington pays $37,900 annual wage and $18.22 hourly wage with an employment rate of about 97,730.

Elderly Care Jobs Description

A person who works in this sector is called an Elderly Caregiver. Elderly Caregivers are individuals who are tasked with the responsibility of providing adequate care to elders/seniors who cannot carry out daily tasks on their own. These individuals help the elders or sick in daily activities such as cleaning, feeding, dressing, bathing, and more. However, keep in mind that these people are not medical professionals. But they are trained specially to take care of elders and seniors in nursing homes or private residences.  If you have a good experience in the Care sector, you have a high chance of getting Elderly Care Jobs in USA.

Responsibilities of an Elderly Caregiver

As a caregiver who is in charge of an elder, there are certain responsibilities and duties you need to carry out. And some of these duties will be listed below for you. However, note that your responsibilities will depend on the role you are given in the Elderly Care sector. Regardless, here are some elderly care job responsibilities

  • Provide daily support to elders such as grooming, eating, bathing, and more
  • Helping the clients with simple house chores such as cooking, cleaning the residence, washing, and more
  • Giving good support and emotional encouragement to elders to fulfill their essential activities
  • Going shopping with elders
  • Proper examination and checking on clients for symptoms
  • Helping clients with their prescribed medication and drugs
  • Driving clients to medical and non-medical appointments
  • Offering mobility aid such as assistance in getting in a wheelchair or in and out of a bed

Once you apply and get an Elderly Care Job in USA for foreigners, you will have to carry out the above-listed responsibilities and more.

Benefits of Working as a Caregiver for Elderly Ones in USA

Working in the Elderly Care sector, you will get entitled to lots of amazing benefits and advantages. Below are some of them;

  • Flexible schedule
  • Insurance
  • PPE provided
  • Direct Deposit
  • Sign-on Bonus
  • Weekly pay
  • Attractive Salary
  • Holiday pay
  • Gain more experience and knowledge

Types of Visas to Apply for to get Elderly Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

A family or company may sponsor an individual with an H-2B visa or H-1B visa. Although the process for getting this visa can be tiring and difficult, without this visa a foreigner won’t be able to work as a Caregiver in USA. These work visas enable employers to hire foreigners to fill nonagricultural occupations temporarily in case when citizens are not available.

Requirements Needed to Apply for Elderly Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are certain requirements you need to meet to get a Caregiver Job in the USA. Although, different employers have their requirements, here are some basic requirements that most employers ask applicants to provide

  • High School diploma (Higher education is a plus)
  • Having a driver’s license can be desirable
  • 2 -3 years of significant experience in the care sector
  • Applicants must be friendly and able to pass a physical examination
  • Must be compassionate and be able to work for long hours
  • Applicants must have good skills in communication

The above are just a few requirements, so keep in mind that the employer might have more requirements you need to provide.

Where to Find Elderly Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

To locate USA caregiver jobs, there are not many things you need to provide. You can either contact a recruitment agency to connect you to hiring homes and companies or look for jobs using the Internet. however, keep in mind that contacting a recruitment agency may require you to pay a fee while using the Internet to find the jobs is free. below are some of the best online websites to find Caregivers for Elderly Jobs in the USA

  • Seniorathome
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Caregiverusa
  • USAJobs.gov
  • SimplyHired
  • Google Jobs
  • Aupair.com

Another good method to find caregivers for elderly in the USA is to ask family, friends, or relatives living in USA to help you locate hiring homes or companies.

How to Apply for Elderly Care Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Using any methods of your choice, here are the steps to apply for Elderly Care Jobs in USA for foreigners

  • Visit any of the job websites above or contact a recruitment agency or USA legal resident
  • Check out the available Caregiver job and choose one of your choices
  • Know the Job requirements, description, and salary
  • Visit the Company website if required
  • Submit your CV, cover letter, and Application later to the company or employer
  • Now, wait for the employer’s response after your application has been reviewed

You will be called for an online interview if you meet the job requirements and standards. Once you get the Job, your employer will notify you of the next process you need to follow. Your employer will go through certain steps in the USA to begin your visa sponsorship process. After the employer is done with the process to get you accepted to the USA workforce, you can now migrate to the country and start working.

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