GEICO Renter Insurance – Get A Free Renter Insurance Quote with GEICO


GEICO serves as one of the top providers of insurance services in America and is best known for providing millions of vehicles with incredible auto insurance coverage. Aside from auto insurance, includes other areas or types of insurance offered by GEICO. This includes renter’s insurance, home insurance, umbrella insurance, and more. However, the Geico renter insurance is not offered by GEICO but instead provided by a third party. You can learn more about GEICO renter insurance and also how to get GEICO renters insurance quotes.

GEICO Renter Insurance - Get A Free Renter Insurance Quote with GEICO

About GEICO Renter Insurance

Generally, renter insurance is one of the types of property insurance that offers policyholders a wide range of insurance coverage that includes liabilities, and more. What renter’s insurance does is provide protection to your belongings and yourself against unforeseen events or happens. Majorly, renter insurance is accessible to people renting a room, apartment, duplex, or studio. The policy offers helps in covering financial loss to the tenant’s personal property. These also help cover losses due to liability claims that include an accident that occurs within the premises.

Initially, the landlord insurance policy only offers coverage on building and not your personal belongings. In other to protect your personal belongings especially if you’re renting an apartment, condo, and more, you need to get a renter insurance quote.

GEICO Renter Insurance Policy Cover

With GEICO, the renter insurance policy coverages come with a very low cost in protecting you and your personal belongings. These protect you against unforeseen events that include the following:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Windstorm
  • Smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Visitor injuries.

Items Covered by Renters Insurance

  • Electronic and appliances
  • Cloths and furniture such as chairs, tables, etc.
  • It also comes with expenses for a home that is not suitable to live in due to covered loss.
  • Damage was done to another person’s property.
  • When someone obtains an injury on your property, this offers medical expenses as well as a legal fee.

In addition, most time, the renter’s insurance policy doesn’t cover jewelry, like engagement rings, diamonds, gold, and more. For this, you might be required to opt for special coverage which will also include a renter’s insurance policy.

How Much Does GEICO Renters Insurance Cost?

When estimating the cost of renter insurance, there are certain factors that govern that which include coverage selected and also the deductible selected as well. The interesting aspect is that getting renter insurance with or from GEICO costs as low as $12/mth. Aside from that, you can also use the GEICO personal property calculator to calculate the estimate of your renter insurance policy that is suitable for your preference.

How to Get a GEICO Renter Insurance Quote   

We have two ways in which you can access a free GEICO renter insurance quote. Either you make use of the GEICO agents where you can locate a nearby GEICO agent that can help you with things you need to know about renter insurance and more. Or you can visit the GEICO renter insurance website where you can enter your zip code to receive a quote.


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