Google Business Advertising – An Expert Interview About Google Ad Business


Business advertising or advertising is a form of a marketing strategy to showcase your business online in order to generate potential customers or insurance sales. Advertising your business allows businesses to create an awareness of their products or services. With the recent development of advertising platform. Until a customer engage with your business that includes your products or services, then you’ll be charged. Google business advertising is one of the reputable ideas business advertising platforms for small business. Also large businesses to be able to create awareness for their product or services and also increase sales.

Google Business Advertising - An Expert Interview About Google Business Advertising

A lot of large business make use of advertising platform in other to insurance their sales as well as generate more traffic to their business page. Some of the benefits of using Google Ad, Google is one of the best search engine platforms with over billions of people using the platform to search for product and services. The Google Ad is a suitable platform for small business advertising to helps showcase your product or service on search result. This works when someone search for something relating to your product or service. Using the Google business advertising enables more leads and generate more traffic based on keyword from the Google Keyword Planner.

About Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform owned by Google that enables advertisers to create advertisement for business to web users. When you create an ads, service offering, product listing and more. It appears on the search engine at the top or bottom to users using the web search engine. Google provides several platforms where ads is displayed which includes search engine result (Google Search) mobile app, and more. Google business adverting is a service on Google Ads dedicated to both small and large business to increase their business product and service with Google Ads.

With the Google Ads for business, you have the opportunity to stand out among your competitors. By being the first thing when customers search for product or service relating to your business. Tools like Google Search and Maps when to stand out as number one in search. Most importantly, you can only pay for using the service when you get a click to your website or receive a phone call to your business.

In addition, Google business advertising is a powerful online advertising platform that provide you with the result you need. Using the Google Ads for your business, you can drive traffic to your website, get more phone calls and above all increase store visits.

How Does Google Business Advertising Help Small Businesses?

Google Ads also known as Google Advertising is one of the most powerful digital advertising platforms. Over billions of people worldwide make use of the Google search engine to look up for something. As a marketer or an advertiser, advertising your business, brand or products gives you huge opportunity to engage with a larger audience. With the helps of Google services & products that includes Google Search Engine, Mobile Apps, Videos, Non-Search Websites, and more, your ads can show in this following place.

The way Google business advertising works is very simple, whereby Google displays ads when someone search for products or services relating to your business. With smart technology, Google help to provide you with the best ads format to appear in front of the right customers. With advertising tools offered, you can select your business advertising goal. Also, use geographic area to target the right customers and more.

Types of Google Business Advertising

First of all, when advertising your business, brand or product on Google. It important you need the best Google ads that suit your business. Google offers different type of ads to provide you with more efficiency generating traffic, leads, and more. The type of Google ads includes:

  • Search Network Campaigns: it’s a text ads that appears on Google search result pages when someone search for something similar to yours.
  • Display Network Campaigns: it’s a image ads that showcased on websites or apps.
  • Video campaigns: it’s a 6 or 15 video which appears on YouTube content.

Aside from the following, there are other additional advanced campaign in which you can go for that include Shopping campaign, App campaigns. Plus, you can use tools like Keyword Planner, Google Ads Editor, and Manager Account to improve your ads performances.

Is Advertising your Business Free on Google?

Actually, advertising your business on Google is not free, meaning the Google business advertising is not free. The cost for advertising your business on Google Ads is determine by your budget settings. You can set up any budget you want to spend on Google Ads. Another interesting thing is that, it’s when user interact with your ad, when will you be charged.

 How to Start Advertising on Google

In other to start adverting your business on Google, first, you need to have a Google account. You can try use Google guided setup process to create your first ads. Also, you can request for Google ads experts to also help set up and assist you in running your ad campaign. Or follow this instruction:

  • Go to the page.
  • Select the option Start now.
  • The first step, you need to select a preferable goal.
  • Select an ads placement when you want to ads to appear.
  • Create a messages to engage will customer.
  • Set up your budget.

In addition, you need to review your set up before going to live. After ensuring that it’s completely set up, then you can Go live. Use the Google Ads manager to monitor and manage your account from any devices either the app or mobile app.

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