How do I Pay with My iPhone at Walmart?


How do I pay with my iPhone at Walmart? Unarguably, Walmart is one of the best and most popular retailers in the USA with thousands of stores in the country. It offers bulk items at affordable prices and ensures that consumers enjoy maximum convenience. To make it very easy for customers to pay at the stores, Walmart offers a different method of payment.

How do I Pay with My iPhone at Walmart

Although, the retailer does not offer popular digital payment options like Samsung Pay. Google Pay or Apply, offers a payment option that is very easy. So, if you are wondering why since it does not offer apple pay, how can you pay with your iPhone at Walmart? Well, I bring answers that can satisfy your curiosity. All you just need to do is read to the end to get enlightened on how you can pay using your iPhone at Walmart.

How to Pay with iPhone at Walmart Stores

Though Walmart does not take Apple Pay, it has its own digital payment method and it is known as Walmart Pay. This is a feature that lives inside the Walmart app. And in other words, you need to download the Walmart to make use of it because it is a feature included in the app. Walmart Pay is available for both Android and Apple mobile phones to make payments at the stores.

If you shop frequently at Walmart stores, you will know that it is a good payment option worth checking out. You can easily link payment forms such as debit, credit, or gift cards to this application tool. And make use of your iPhone to finish up the purchase process at the store. You just need to unlock your phone, scan the QR code check the Walmart pay and you are good to go.

Set up Walmart Pay on iPhone

Just as I have said above, Walmart Pay is made for both Android and iPhone users.  However, you need to set it up on the device before you can use it for your payment.

  • Download and install wallet pay on your iPhone
  • Open the application once installed
  • Tap on the “Services” option and then the “Walmart Pay” option
  • Sign in to your account using the right Walmart account information or create one
  • Choose the payment method of your choice
  • Type in your correct Credit, debit, or gift card information.
  • Click on “Agree” if you concur with the terms and conditions.
  • Create a password by following the onscreen instruction.
  • Now, finish up the process and wait for the Walmart pay setup to be confirmed.

Once you are done with the setup and have linked your preferred card on your iPhone. You are now ready to make payment for the purchased items.

How to Use Walmart Pay on iPhone

Using Walmart Pay to make payments on your iPhone is very easy and straightforward. Here are the simple steps you can use follow;

  • Visit the self-checkout counter or a staffed checkout lane at any Walmart store and scan the items you like to purchase
  • A special QR code will show on the card reader screen immediately
  • Launch Walmart pay application on your iPhone.
  • Enter your PIN or use your fingerprint to unlock your device
  • Hover your Apple device over the QR code on the screen of the card reader. Once your transaction is finished you will hear a confirmation sound or message signal.

With the above steps, you can make use of your Apple mobile phone to make payments at any Walmart store in the United States

What other forms of payment does Walmart Accept?

Walmart also offers other forms of payment apart from the contactless payment option, Check them out below;

  • Gift Card
  • Capital One Walmart credit card
  • Chase Pay
  • Venmo
  • American Express Checkout
  • Affirm
  • Debit and credit card (Discover, Visa and MasterCard, American Express,)
  • PayPal
  • Cash

Can I Use Walmart Pay on Apple Watch?

Sadly, you cannot use your Apple Watch to make payments at Walmart. Walmart Pay is only available and allowed on mobile devices.


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