How Netvue Vigil Cam is Making the World a Better Place


Do you know that home without surveillance is 100% likely vulnerable to sudden attacks? Most analyzes show that 50% of residential burglaries occur whenever no one is at home during the night. Thanks to the development of Wi-Fi surveillance cameras which comes with easy-to-use features. This allows you to monitor and secure your home including your front porch, backyard, as well as garage. Introducing the Netvue Vigil Cam Outdoor security camera, new innovation, and reliable smart home surveillance system.

How Netvue Vigil Cam is Making the World a Better Place

Netvue Vigil Cam is dominated with 1080p HD live view stream with a night vision which allows you to keep an eye of your surrounding both during the nighttime and daytime. Thanks to the advanced Infrared LEDs light enables a streaming feature of up to 60 feet away in sharper and clearer image/video.

Hence, allows you to see whoever is standing at the door or on your properties within 60 feet. The Netvue Vigil Cam also comes with other amazing features that go well for the security of your home.

Overview Features of the Netvue Vigil Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Netvue Vigil Cam as an outstanding outdoor security camera comes with improves night vision feature. Plus an excellent IP66 weatherproof designed to prevent the camera from getting damaged.

Netvue Vigil Cam See Live Video

With the internet through the Wi-Fi or network, cable to connect with the Vigil home security camera. In other to have a real-time view of your backyard, hallway directly on your smartphone at your convenient time, anywhere.

1080p Full HD Image 

Vigil Cam 1080p full HD offer you good quality streaming video/image meaning that you will see everything in beautiful color view.

100-Degree Wide Field of View

The Vigil Cam is enhanced with a rotatable camera feature view of a 100-degree field of view. Multi-axis hinge for users to be able to rotate the camera for more images view. As the same time, the security camera can face any direction and provides full coverage of your yard.

Infrared Night Vision

The camera comes with super infrared LEDs light for live recording during the night. Plus, the camera is able to see who is at the door or on the fields up to 65 feet (20m) in total darkness. You can zoom images with 8x digital zoom not to miss a thing even at night.

Customizable Motion Detections

Use the Netvue App to customize motion detection zone for you to have access to instant alerts on the selected areas. Remove unwanted alerts or been overloaded with unnecessary alerts directly on your smartphone.

Get Notified with Unusual Activities

Receive a sensitive notification whenever someone is trying to break into your home, plus sounds, movement, and other things captured by the camera.

Weatherproof Camera

The Vigil Cam is built-in with weather-resistant coverage to help protect not only your home. But also the camera against harsh condition like heavy rainfall, extreme sun, snowfall, and other. With its enhanced weather-resistant performance and durable casting allows the camera to keep streaming.

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24hours Cloud Recording & Playback

Vigil Cam offers automated records continuous videos for up to 14 days by using the Netvue Cloud. As well as ring call conversation that you’ve engaged in with your visitors or unusual activities detected.

Netvue Vigil Cam Two-Way Audio

Also, the Netvue Vigil Cam is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker which allows you to speak to your kids to stop what they are doing and also give intruders a warning.

Cable & Wi-Fi Connection

The security camera works with Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable connection for you to enjoy streaming live view on your smartphone. Based on the way, the camera is designed in a bullet cam form to achieve 3 times more stable monitor that ant other wi-fi connected outdoor security camera.

Works with Amazon Alexa

Vigil Cam works better with Amazon Alexa where you can control thousands of abilities and services right from your palm. Simply call Alexa and ask whatever you want it to do.   

How to Install the Netvue Vigil Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Moreover, the package of the Netvue Vigil Cam comes with what you’ll need to set up the camera. First of all, you need to remove the red cap at the back of the camera and replace it with the provided antenna. Next, you can find a good place you want to mount the camera and connect it to a power socket.

Afterward, you can install the Netvue app on your devices i.e. smartphone and connect both the app and camera with a Wi-Fi connection. Once that is completed, you’ll be provided with instructions of the major setup.


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