How to Apply for CalWORKs Online – CalWORKs Cash Aid Benefits, Eligibility, Application, & EBT Cash Aid


How can I apply for Cash aid online in California or who is eligible for CalWORKs? In this article, you can learn the simple step on how to apply for CalWORKs online. How to apply for CalWORKs online or apply for cash aid online in California is a simple program applicable to households that qualify for the program. This mean there are eligibility members must meet in other to qualify for the program. However, you can either apply online by visiting or contact your county social service agency for application.

How to Apply for CalWORKs Online - CalWORKs Cash Aid Benefits, Eligibility, Application, & EBT Cash Aid

CalWORKs is a California government public assistance program fully known as California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids that offers cash aid and service to qualify households or families that have children at home. All 58 countries in the state have access to the program and also its operation is served locally by county welfare departments.

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CalWORKs provides cash aid similar to Food Stamp or SNAP Benefits to families that have little or no cash to afford the necessity of life that including food, clothing, utilities, medical care, and others. These families are eligible to apply for cash aid or CalWORKs. When you apply and are successfully approved for the program, you’re then entitled to receive money each month to pay for your necessary housing expenses like food and others.

Who is Eligible for CalWORKs?

Before a family can apply for CalWORKs, you must have met the eligibility requirements needed for applications. The amount of cash you receive from your CalWORKs monthly assistance benefits is governed by certain factors that include the number of people who are eligible and others. There are general requirements and specific eligibility requirements.

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General Eligibility Requirement  

  • Families that have children in their household who don’t have the privilege of parental support or case due to the absence of a parent or death.
  • Families with children and both parents live in the house to the breadwinner is unemployed.
  • A needy caretaker relative of a foster child(ren).

Specific Eligibility Requirement

  • The applicant’s citizenship
  • Age
  • Income
  • Resources
  • Assets

These are the following requirement that you need for the application for CalWORKs or cash aid. However, you can go through the application online or contact one of your county social service agencies to learn about the application.

How to Apply for CalWORKs Cash Aid Online in California

First of all, before you can apply for CalWORKs cash aid online in California, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirement that qualifies you for CalWORKs Benefits. Here is the following step to go through the CalWORKs application form:

CalWORKs Application Form

  • Go to
  • Scroll down and click
  • Then, fill out the necessary information to complete the CalWORKs application form.

However, you can apply for CalWORKs cash aid benefits program at Therefore, if you’re using the wrong location, you won’t be able to access the website. You must be from California or live in California to access

In addition, you can apply through your state county, simple go to contact your county social services agency and get the application form.

EBT Cash Aid

EBT cash aid also known as electronic benefits transfer card is a payment card that allows you to receive or get your CalWORKs benefits. You can use the EBT cash aid for delivery, redemption, and others. When you finally approved, funds will be transferred to your EBT card aid and you can use your card to make payment.

However, you can visit to log in and check where you can use your EBT card. Also, you can check for individual BET account balances and others.

FAQs About How to Apply for CalWORKs Online

How long does it take to get cash aid after you apply?

Once you meet the eligibility requirements and provide the necessary information need, you can simply check your mailbox within 45 days from the application date for cash aid.

How can I apply for CalWORKs in Ventura County?

Here is the following details to apply for CalWorks in Ventura county (Call or check the website for the nearest location) (888) 472-4463 Toll-Free Ventura County Website.

Can you get CalWORKs while working?

The requirement for CalWORKs application stated that you must have a low income and remain eligible to apply for the program. Yes, you can get CalWorks cash aid even while working as long as you have a low income.

Is CalWORKs the same as welfare?

Yes, CalWORKs is a welfare program that offers public assistance for families that earns little or have no income with cash aids or CalWORKs benefits to eligible needy California families.

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