How to Cancel Your Geico Car Insurance Policy


How do you cancel your car insurance or how can I cancel my GEICO car insurance online? In this article, you can learn the simple process of how to cancel your GEICO car insurance policy. However, if you want to cancel your GEICO insurance policy, there are certain things you need to consider including the GEICO cancellation rules and also the required steps to cancel your insurance with GEICO. Your GEICO insurance policy serves as the agreement between you and the issuer.

How to Cancel Your Geico Car Insurance Policy

When you terminate or cancel your insurance policy, this actually terminates the agreement between you and the insurance provider or issuer. However, whatever reason you might have to cancel your insurance, understand that canceling your GEICO insurance policy can be done online and it requires no cancellation fee. According to GEICO, customer has the ability to cancel their insurance policy anytime online, through customer service, or with a GEICO insurance agent.

Reasons For Canceling Your GEICO Car Insurance Policy

Furthermore, there are some many reasons why customers might show to cancel their insurance policy. Based on the common reason why people cancel their insurance policy, GEICO provides some solutions to the reason which you might reconsider GEICO insurance policy.

I’ve moved, even to another state

If for the reason you’re canceling your car insurance policy because you’re moving to another state, However, GEICO offers insurance in all 50 states including DC. Simply, visit the website to get a quick quote online for the state you’re moving to by signing in to your GEICO account.

I’ve changed my marital status

For the exact reason of changing your marital status you want to cancel your policy, you can simply add or remove your spouse or partner from the policy and even entitle you to additional discounts.

I’ve sold my vehicle; it was totaled or is inoperable

This is another reason why you see people cancel their GEICO car insurance policy because they sold their care due to the fact that it was totaled or inoperable. However, you don’t need to rush in canceling your policy because your GEICO policy gets you covered while driving a rental.

I can’t afford car insurance

a lot of reasons why people cancel their GEICO insurance policy is because their feel GEICO car insurance is expensive and they can’t afford it. However, there are several options that make GEICO’s car insurance policy more affordable by adding discounts to your policy or adjusting your coverage.

How to Cancel your Geico Car Insurance Policy

The process how to cancel your GEICO car insurance policy is simple. Plus GEICO makes it easy to cancel your auto insurance policy and it comes with no cancellation fee. Follow these instructions to stop your car insurance policy:

  • Use the GEICO customer service phone number to speak with a friendly licensed agent.
  • You might be required to speak with an Interactive Voice Response, (IVR). Just say “cancel insurance policy” and say “auto”.
  • You might need to provide your GEICO policy number, therefore be ready to provide it.

However, before you can consider canceling your policy, you need to know this can lapse coverage on your insurance history, which might result in higher premium costs. Therefore, consider this carefully and you can find other results to fix the reason why you want to cancel your policy.

How to Cancel Your Geico Car Insurance Policy Online

Unfortunately, there are no options available that allow you to cancel your GEICO policy online or via the GEICO app. Meaning that you can’t cancel your Policy from my account or in the mobile app. The only available option to cancel your policy online is by contacting the GEICO phone number where you can speak to a licensed GEICO agent and provide your policy number for cancellation. Check out the process above on how to cancel your GEICO car insurance policy.

FAQs About How to Cancel your Geico Car Insurance Policy

Can I cancel GEICO insurance on app?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t cancel your GEICO insurance policy from the mobile app or online. Only through a licensed agent by a phone call where you’ll be required to speak with an Interactive Voice Response (VIR) can you cancel insurance policy.

How much does Geico charge to cancel policy?

You’re required not to pay any cancellation fee to cancel your insurance policy. This implies that there is no GEICO cancellation fee and it’s free and easy to cancel your policy through phone number.


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