How to Renew your Progressive Car Insurance in 2023


Hopefully, you did enjoy your first time with Progressive. Renewing your car insurance is much simpler and more convenient than before. In the article, we will show you the step-by-step guide on how to renew your progressive car insurance online.

Most time, your car insurance with Progressive might be set to the automatic renewal. Meaning, you don’t need to worry about the last payment or not making a payment. The following way your car insurance automatically renew is if you have set up autopay. Your policy will automatically continue to renew unlike if you decide to stop the auto-renewal.

How to Renew your Progressive Car Insurance in 2023

However, if you have paperless documents turned on, if your insurance is about to expire, you will receive an email with detail about your renewal.

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How to Renew your Progressive Car Insurance Online

The process of renewing your auto insurance is straightforward. You can log into your account to renew your insurance policy and also enroll in autopay. Follow these instructions to renew your can insurance online:

  1. Go to from your computer.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password to log in to your insurance account.
  3. Then, click Log In.
  4. Access your insurance account setting.
  5. Select the option of payment or renewal.

Afterward, you can follow the on-screen instruction to make payment for your insurance policy and also set up the automatic renewal from your online account.

How to Renew your Car Insurance via Mail

Another method option to renew your auto insurance is vail mail or email. Your insurance provider will contact you through mail or email with recent updates on auto insurance rates. If you choose to accept the updated rate, you can follow the guide provided in the mail or email to make an initial payment or pay your renewal quote in full.

Progressive Car Insurance Renewal via Customer Service

Through customer service, you can initiate payment for the renewal of your insurance quote. Simply contact your insurer via phone and request assistance in renewing your car insurance. Likewise, you can also request for the set up of autopay so as not to worry about not making payment on time.

How Do I Know When to Renew Car Insurance?

A month before the actual date of expiration, you will receive a notification from your insurance company informing you that your insurance policy is about to expire. Also, this will include details on any changes to your policy or premium.

Is insurance renewal easy?

Yes, after enjoying your first-time progressive insurance policy, renewing it is very simple. similar to various insurers including Progressive, the required process to renew your policy is to pay the renewal premium. You get a notification via mail or email from your insurer to renew your policy before the expiration date. However, it’s important that you complete the payment before the existing one expires so as to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage.

What if I decide not to renew my car insurance policy?

If you decide in your mind that you don’t want to renew your policy before the expiration date. It’s best you let your insurance provider know before the renewal date. If you set up an automatic payment plan, contact your insurer and cancel it before your renewal payment process is completed automatically.

If you choose not to contact your insurer, you can still cancel anytime, but be rest assured that in most states or insurance companies, you meet be required to pay a fee for cancellation or additional cost if you cancel your policy in mid-term.

My car policy expired. Can I renew it?

If you were not quick to renew your policy before it expired, yes you can still renew it only depending on how long you have failed to renew your policy. If you still weren’t able to restore your old policy, you can still go for a new policy faster.

What if I don’t renew my policy and drive without insurance?

Across 49 states, it’s illegal to drive without a valid or active auto insurance policy. As a matter of fact, these can put you at financial risk if you cause an accident that resulted in damage or injuries.

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