Is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card?


Is my credit score low after getting a credit card? First of all, opening or applying for a credit card, your credit score might be lower a bit, but this helps in the process of building your credit score. However, certain credit cards are used to build credit scores and are mostly reported to the major credit bureaus. Therefore, when you get a new credit card, this is an advantage for improving your credit score by raising your credit limit. Learn more about my credit score low after getting a card.

Is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card

In the meantime, in the process of searching for a good new credit card, related questions such as what credit score do I need to get the best credit card? Perhaps, how will a new credit card affect my credit score, these are questions that affect your decision when applying for a new credit card. if you think getting a new credit card might affect your credit, you might be surprised. Because getting a new credit card can improve your credit score and on the way around cause damage to your credit.

Why is My Credit Score Low After Getting a Credit Card?

The most common reason why your credit score might be low after getting a credit card comes in two ways.

1, during the process of applying for a new credit card, the credit company might dig deep into your credit report for reward as one of the processes of credit card approval. The inquiry on your credit history might hurt your credit score. Keep in mind, the impact is low on the FICO scale.

2, after receiving your new credit card, the card issuer will report a new account opening, this might cause a long break in your credit history you might have. The changes to your FICO score vary based on your entire credit history. Most importantly, a new card might positively affect you by improving your score, if you use your account responsibility to build a better credit history.

How Does Getting a Credit Card Affect Credit Score

Just like I mentioned earlier, two ways are getting a credit card can after your credit score. During the process of checking your creditworthiness of the credit card, the card company performs a hand pull which might drop your credit score slightly. Also, the opening account, reported by the card issuer affects your score by affecting the length of credit history you have. Therefore, you need to understand and learn the tip for building or improving your credit score.

How Opening a New Credit Card Can Hurt Your Credit

Certain factors can hurt your credit score when opening a new credit card. This can cause a slight drop in your credit score. Some of the factors include the following mentioned below:

  • Higher balance
  • The lower average age of accounts

Two things play an important role in hurting your credit. Note that opening a new card can also help your credit by building a better track record, increasing your credit limit, and also credit diversity.

How a New Credit Card Might Help Your Credit Score

Yes, the same way opening a new credit card can hurt your credit score, the same way it can help build your credit score. As a matter of fact, there are dedicated credit cards suitable for building and improving credit. Here are some of the situations that occur in boosting your credit with a new card

  • It helps to reduce your credit utilization.
  • Provide you with additional on-time payments history
  • With the help of a credit mix, this can improve your credit.

There are several ways, but you need to be careful about how often you get a new credit card because it can damage your credit score.


Will opening another Credit Card help my Credit Score?

The answer is yes and no, when you apply for or open a new credit card, this can slightly hurt your credit score. But when you make payments on time and lower your credit utilization, this can help to improve your credit score by reporting to the three major bureaus.

How much will a new Credit Card affect my Score?

Based on the report, about 5 to 10 points will be dropped from your credit score if a hard inquiry is made. This will be on your credit reports for about two years. In addition, the negative impact on your credit score disappears after one year.

How long does a new Credit Card affect Credit Score?

It takes about one year or less that the negative impact stays on your credit card. This is because of the hard inquiry performed by most credit card issuers when you open or apply for a new credit card.

Does signing up for a Credit Card hurt your Credit?

Yes, signing up for a card can hurt your credit score slightly. This is due to the hard inquiry on your credit report by the credit card company during the application for a new card.


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