KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby & Pet WiFi Security Camera


However, you can never be 100% watchful when it comes to the security of your baby or children. Investing in babyproofing measures in-home on your phone allows you to secure and monitor your kids while they play around. Basically, most houses are flooded with lifesaving skills like CPR and other best child safety items that give parents some peace of comfort. Nowadays, one thing most parents are beginning to realize is that securing the safety of their kids is through nanny cam. One of the best nanny cams is the KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby Camera.

KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby & Pet WiFi Security Camera

KAMTRON HD home wireless baby and pet cameras are built-in with a 360-degree panoramic view. This provides covers for the whole area of your baby rooms with integrated IR LED night vision to keep your baby safe at night. The KAMTRON comes with 23/7 continuous video recording in excellent and stunning HD video quality of 1280x720p. However, you can learn about the features of the camera below.

Overview Features of the KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby & Pet Security Camera

However, the KAMTRON baby cam is an advanced security camera that secures and allows you to stay in touch with your kids as well as your home anytime, anywhere. Bases on its broad field view allow you to keep an eye all every corner in the MIPC view app.

KAMTRON Remotely Control Pan and Tilt

Mainly, the camera is designed just like every other pan and tilt camera. To offer you full coverage of the four corners of your baby room. Where you can capture every single action from all various angles remotely using the MIPC app.

Super Night Vision

You don’t need to worry about your kids the moment the cloud starts getting dark or while your baby sleep. Thereby with the super-enhanced night vision feature of super IR LEB which is to able you to view a distance of 20ft at night to capture every moment.

Smart Motion Detection Alerts 

This feature is very common to all security camera whereby with the push notification, give you a live feed. The moment the camera captures something right from the start with instant alerts. Be rest assure that you will be the first to know before it happens.

Enhanced Two-Way Audio

Most of us will be familiar with this feature since it is very common to all security cameras. In case you don’t know. The two-way audio is built-in with a microphone that allows you to speak and a speaker for you to be able to listen to conversations.

Monitor from Multiple Devices

Your family, friends, kids, or even your loved ones can stream live view with different devices at the same with the same camera.

In addition, the KAMTRON home camera integrates with the MIPC View app for easy access to stream live view and control other features. However, you can scan the QR code in other to install the MIPC View app on the iOS app store or Google Play store.

Tips to Install the KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby & Pet Security Camera

However, the KAMTRON baby camera enhances with financial encryption so that you won’t worry about the security data of your videos. Therefore, you can enjoy data storage between users and the site without been forged by a third-party site or app. The camera is an easy and quick wireless connection that can be mounted all by yourself.

Hence all you need to do, connect both the camera and app on your smartphone. With a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network or ethernet cable connections using a router for connectivity. However, you can either set serval preset positions or add various cameras with different terminals in each of the cameras.


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