Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller 2021 Review


Once again here we are with the new latest invention of the Momentum smart home products. Basically, our focus will not only be on your living room or home but also on the security of your garage. However, this particular aspect has always been left out in the realm of smart home advancements. Therefore, we will be making a huge gain on one of the smart garage door cameras. Today we will make a review of the Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller with Built-in Camera.

Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller 2021 Review

On the contrary, the Momentum Niro is apparently one of the biggest and prestigious garage door controllers with a built-in surveillance system that allows owners or users to have total security of their garage and also uses in the warehouse. In any part of the world, security cameras are used for protection and surveillance. The Momentum Wire Garage Door Controller is built-in with HD 720p, night vision, 110-degree wide-angle view. Also with the momentum app allows you to protect and secure your garage against intruders. The Niro garage door controller is highly designed with special and advanced security tech to provide the maximum security that you need instead of a watchdog or bodyguard.

Overview Features of the Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller with Built-in Camera

Unlike most other cameras, the Niro garage door controller allows you to remotely control your garage and also keep an eye on who you want to let in. With HD 720p resolution video and 110-degree wide-angle LED provides full coverage of everything as it happens crystal clear.

Real-Time Two-Way Talk

Get the full potential of the Niro on your mobile phone to activate the voice command which allows you to listen and speak back at someone when the camera detects an object. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to say and be heard on the mobile app.

Momentum Niro Real-Time Open/Close Control

Were you in a rush and forgot to close your garage? Well, you don’t need to worry about that if you’re far away from your home. You can simply access your home directly on the app via the smartphone and just select the close function. Then the app will wirelessly send a signal to the Niro garage door controller to close the garage.

Real-Time Video Stream

Thanks to the Niro camera you can stream live view to everyone how someone is trying to break in.  Or perhaps, you forget something and want to see if someone is around to help you with the stuff.

Momentum Exclusive Night Vision

The enhanced Momentum forward technology in terms of security provides you with every single detail and footage of events that occurred during the night with more clear vision.  Therefore, with bright and crystal-clear night vision, you can sleep like a baby knowing that your properties are secure.

Momentum Exclusive Motion Sensor

Never-ending functionality of the Momentum forward technology security, built-in with advanced IR Motion Sensor to provide you with accurate reading or view of images. Whereby you can differentiate between sounds of a plane, birds, hum sneaking around, and others.

Instant Alerts and Notification

In other for you not to miss out on every single thing that passes by in the eye of the cameras. With the instant alerts and notification allows you to set automatic news update whenever the camera capture movement or object to your mobile phone.

How to Install Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller with Built-in Camera

The Momentum Niro Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller with Built-in Camera is a very simple and easy-to-use camera. You can set up the camera all by yourself without any assistance from the technician. Simply plug in the Niro garage controller and connect it to a 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz wireless network. Plus, with the Momentum app, you can easily create a custom rule and other major settings that you need.


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