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40 activation is the official card activation website portal by My Prepaid Center where new card members can activate a card online. At activate website, you can activate your Discover Gift card, Prepaid Mastercard, and Visa prepaid card online.

MyPrepaidCenter is similar to several card activation websites that required certain information to activate your card. However, card activation or activating your card is an important step to using your card to shop online, make payments online, pay bills, and more. But first, applicants must verify they have received the card before activating it. Activation -  Myprepaidcenter Activate Card Now

Once you have received your card, go to activate online to fill out your card information to complete activation process. Find out what you need to activate your Prepaid Center card online. -Activation Required

There is certain card information that users need to provide during the procedure of activating their card. At the -activation required, you’ll need to provide the following requirement for activating your card:

  • Card number in front or back of your card.
  • Expiration Date (MM/YY) at the front of the card.
  • The 3-digit card that appears at the bank of your Discover Mastercard or Visa prepaid card.

Using the following information, you can activate your card, access card details, check your balance, redeem your code, and more. Now you have your card number, security code, and expiration date ready, why not activate your card right now.

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How to Activate

Activating My Prepaid Center Card online is easier, faster, and more secure by providing valid card information. Card activation at is simple with the following instruction listed below

To Activate My Prepaid Center Card:

  • Go to the activation website at
  • Then, select the option “Enter Card Number” under “I Have a Card”.
  • This will direct you to the page to activate your card.
  • Enter your card number in front of your card.
  • Next, enter the expiration date and security code/CVV.
  • Then, click Activate.

That is all you need to activate your card online. Immediately, after you complete the action your card will be activated instantly. Now your card is ready to be used are various stores that accept Mastercard and Visa cards.

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FAQ of Activation

How do I activate my prepaid card?

There are various ways to activate your Prepaid Card. You can call the 800 number listed on the card to request assistance in activating your card. or visit the card activation website and enter your activation code.

How do I use my prepaid Center card online?

You can use your Prepaid Center Card at various online stores to shop. Plus, you can use it to make payments online, pay bills, and more.

How do I check the balance on my prepaid debit card?

There are several options made available to check your Prepaid Card balance. This includes at ATM, live customer service, text messages, or the official website. Just log in online at to check your balance.

How do I retrieve my card number, expiry date, or security code if forgotten?

If you don’t remember your security code, expiry date, or card number, you can log in to the website with your email and password to view your card information. Also, you can call customer service if your details are not associated with your profile.

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