Nationwide Pet Insurance – What it Covers and What it Does Not Covers


Does Nationwide offer pet insurance, is Nationwide pet insurance good, or what does nationwide pet insurance cover? Due to the wide range of pet insurance companies in the United States, questions about suitable insurance companies come to mind of people. It’s essential that you understand how pet insurance works and its coverage before purchasing it.

Nationwide is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States that offers a wide range of insurance products and services such as homeowners, renters, car, and life insurance. According to reports, Nationwide is listed among the top best pet insurance companies in 2022. It offers industry-leading pet health insurance for pets such as dogs, cards, birds, and exotic pets.

Nationwide Pet Insurance - What it Covers and What it Does Not Covers

It was best known for providing auto and home insurance to millions of people. Later on, introduce pet insurance that offers you suitable coverage for your pet after acquiring Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in 2009. Today, Nationwide offers both families and pets well deserves quality health care coverage. With its pet insurance plans, you can gain access to use any vet anywhere including specialists and emergency providers.

What is Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide pet insurance is an American holding insurance company that offers pet insurance coverage to dogs, cats, birds, and other exotic animals. Whether you own a cat or dog, it’s important to get your pet covered with the quality health care service they deserve.

At some point in time, your pet might need a vet or specialists, or emergency providers. Because visiting a vet is not cheap and the medical bills to take care of your pets also add up to the bill not cheap. Seeing the cost for medical treatment of your pet is over thousands of dollars. With pet insurance, the company got you covered with the medical expenses.

Therefore, that is why it’s essential to sign up and purchase a pet insurance plan to help cover the cost of routine and emergency veterinary bills in the future. It is an amazing pet insurance company that offers members 5% discounts on a new pet health insurance policy.

Pros and Cons of Nationwide Pet Insurance


  • Offer insurance coverage for exotic pets.
  • Wellness plan, illness/accident, and whole pet options included.
  • 5% discount on a new pet health insurance policy.
  • Nationwide’s Pet Rx Express offers policyholders suitable pricing on pet prescriptions at popular stores such as Walmart and Sam’s Club.


  • Access to just one choice for annual coverage maximum and deductible.
  • No coverage for end-of-life expenses, unlike bigger competitors.
  • Pets must be under 10 years of age to purchase the plan.
  • 12-month waiting period for coverage of cruciate ligaments or meniscus (knee) injuries
  • Benefits vary on limit based on the plan you purchase.

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Types of Nationwide Pet Insurance Plans

Another angle in which you can access the benefits includes the type of plans offered by Nationwide. However, there are four different kinds of pet insurance coverage plans provided by Nationwide. These include the following:

Pet Wellness Plan

The pet wellness plan is one of the coverages offered by Nationwide. It covers things such as vaccinations, wellness exams, and testing.

Major Medical Plan

The coverage includes the major medical plan covering things such as exams, prescriptions, chronic conditions, surgery, hospitalization, and certain hereditary conditions.

Whole Pet Plan

The Whole Pet Plan is another kind of coverage that includes everything Major Medical does as well as other benefits like prescribed pet foods and supplements, gingivitis, parasite treatments, and cesarean sections.

Avian & Exotic Pet Plan

Avian & Exotic Pet Plan includes coverage such as accident and illness coverage and also applies to most types of birds, reptiles, rodents, and unusual pets like goats, ferrets, and others.

What Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Cover?

Nationwide offers a wide range of pet insurance policies to select from. Among the type of plans offered by Nationwide, Whole Pet with Wellness plan has the most comprehensive coverage. Here are the following things covered by Nationwide:

  • Accident & Injuries
  • Common illnesses
  • Serious illnesses
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Testing & diagnostics
  • Holistic & alternative.

There is other coverage included in the four kinds of plans offered by Nationwide. Also, you need to know what Nationwide does not cover which includes the following.

What Nationwide Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Just like other pet insurance policies, it does not cover other aspects of illness or expenses. Here are the following things that Nationwide doesn’t cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions like injury or illness that your pet had before purchasing the policy.
  • Therapy or treatment not prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Diagnosis or treatment that is experimental, or investigational.
  • Other expenses not related to vet services like taxes, waste disposal, and record-keeping.

How Much is Nationwide Pet Insurance Cost

The best way to find the most affordable pet insurance is to compare the price or cost of pet insurance across various pet insurance companies. Here is the following cost of pet insurance:

CompanyMonthly Cost for DogsMonthly Cost for Cats

Nationwide pet insurance policy cost varies for your dog, cat, bird, or small rodent. Factors that impact the cost of a pet insurance policy include species, age, and any pre-existing conditions.

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How to Purchase Nationwide Pet Insurance

There are various ways to purchase pet insurance. You can purchase online or through an insurance agent. With an insurance agent, insight into selecting suitable coverage for your pet will be elaborated more. However, you can find a nationwide insurance agent near me. If you want to purchase online, you can go to and get a free quote.  


Is Nationwide pet insurance good?

Yes, Nationwide pet insurance is good and worth going for. Vet medical bills for injuries and illnesses can be very expensive and with a good insurance pet policy, you can cover some of these costs.

How does nationwide pet insurance work

It is very simple and comes with different plans that best fit you. Having pet insurance helps to cover the expenses you have to spend on illness or injuries which are very expensive. If your pet gets injured or ill, you take your pet to a licensed veterinarian and then provide a claim to get reimbursed for issues based on your pet insurance plan.

Can you cancel Nationwide pet insurance?

Yes, you can cancel your insurance policy anytime. For cancellation, all you need to do is notify Nationwide via writing or fax. Then, you provide information that includes your name, policy number, pet name, and reason for your cancellation in writing. Likewise, you can access your Nationwide account to easily cancel your policy online.

Does Nationwide offer pet insurance?

Yes, it offers pet insurance and other varieties of insurance policies including auto insurance, home insurance, motorcycle, and many more. Among the best pet insurance, it is listed among the top 5 providers in the United States with amazing insurance plans that suit you and your pet to cover any expenses.

Does Nationwide pet insurance cover spaying or neutering?

No, none of the plans available includes coverage of spaying or neutering.

Does Nationwide pet insurance cover cremation or other final expenses?

Yes, Nationwide accident and illness plans also include coverage of end-of-life expenses such as cremation.

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