Nest Doorbell – Why The Richest Man in the World Invest In Nest Doorbell


Aside from the fact that home security cameras are currently the most useful security devices in today’s world. But smart videos doorbell is also one of the powerful security tools to protect your home. This provides you more secure ways of answering the door or also a means to keep an eye on couriers. Also, burglaries, or thieves which can be view on your phone while you are far ways. One of the structures and prominent devices is the Nest Doorbell is which is also know as Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

Nest Doorbell - Why The Richest Man in the World Invest In Nest Doorbell

Nest Doorbell or Nest Hello video doorbell is apparently one of the most used security measures. It allow you to view who’s at your doorstep or knocking at your doorstep directly on your mobile phone so that you wouldn’t miss out on anything. The release of the Nest doorbell has replaced other wired doorbell deliver. It integrated with HD videos, brightness, crisp, images, and even during the night. Therefore, we have highlighted the feature of the nest doorbell compare to other home doorbells.

Features of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell You Need to Know

Moreover, the nest doorbell is mainly designed to show you thing every activity at your doorstep. For instance, people from head to toe, delivery man, package on the ground and offers you 24/7 streaming services from your desktop or mobile phone. Here are the specs of the Nest doorbell:

  • HD video: the video quality is 4.3 helps to show the complete body of a person. 
  • Night Vision: the video camera is very clear even during nighttime.
  • 24/7 streaming: it offers continuous video streaming and recording for 27 hours a day
  • HDR: during bright and dark areas the HDR videos offer sharp video content.
  • 160-degree field of view
  • Quiet time

In addition, the Nest Hello video doorbell is very sensitive to person, motion, and even sound alert to detect visitors. You can also create a special concept to recognize your family and friends. Above all, the nest doorbell is prerecorded quick responses.

How the Nest Doorbell Works

On the contrary, the Nest hello works in more advanced ways than other doorbells which make them look like dumbbells. The nest doorbell can actually differentiate between a person and a thing which then sends alerts to your phone by using Nest Aware. When you integrate Nest Aware into your phone it let you know a stranger is at your doorstep or someone you might know.

Once you receive an alert to your mobile phone you can decide to ignore, talk, or respond to the person outside your door. This is actually possible through the integrated features of the devices. Hence, you can visit the website to purchase the devices and the installation guide or see whether your home is compatible. Besides, the device is also available on other online store sites like Amazon or eBay in your country.

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