Ooma Smart Cam Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision


The world we are in today’s is ravaging with smart home security surveillance system for homes. Large tech companies are now moving into the lines of developing security cameras that best fit for home security. However, Ooma Inc is one of the best-producing smarts communicating system for home and business. Thereby introduces the New Ooma Smart Cam as a next-generation indoor/outdoor HD Video security camera with complete wire-free, weather-resistant and highly advanced integrate security features. In other to monitor and secure your home from intruders, kidnappers, thief, robbers from a live stream of your baby room to your bedroom. Also, from the kitchen to the sitting and the out sketch of your home all in one cloud.

Ooma Smart Cam Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision

Ooma Smart Cam security system offers you can crystal clear live view to keep monitor and update you on activities as well as things that matter most to you. Moreover, the Ooma Smart Cam doesn’t require any management cost or installation, it’s very easy to install and mount any in your home. 

Features of the New Ooma Smart Cam Indoor/Outdoor HD Security Camera

On the contrary, the Ooma Smart Cam indoor/Outdoor is part of the Ooma Smart Security, an innovating wire-free home security camera. That provides an extensive control system and protection with integrate rage of sensors detecting motion and lot others. The leading features of the Ooma Smart Cam:

Instant Video Capture

Unlike other security cameras, the Ooma Smart Cam keeps a close guard/ monitor on events such as noise, sound, movement when these events are triggered. In other to have knowledge of every story starting from the beginning to the end without missing anything.

Facial Recognition

The camera is built-in with artificial intelligence which allows you to recognize the faces of friends, family, and even pets. Also, once it receives unwanted facial recognition it will then send you an alert of such person.

Two-Way Audio

Ooma Smart cam is designed with a smart speaker and speaker which allows you to listen to conversations from a distance of 10km. Also, interact with people at your doorstep or at the back of your home.

Ooma Smart Cam Full HD and Night Vision

The streaming video quality is presented in full 1080p HD and with and integrates 130-degree viewing angle range. Plus, noise cancellation which allows you to hear voice crystal clear with the Ooma Smart Cam app on your phone.

Backup Battery and Onboard Memory

The Security camera is the only available camera that allows users to record without the use of external or internet power connection. It contains an internal battery system that runs for more than six months alongside 16GB onboard storage capacity.

Auto Privacy Mode

Allows users to set the camera geofencing whereby it controls the switch automatically while at work or returning from home.

Seven days of Free Storage

Enjoy unlimited access to a free storage capacity of streaming videos of most recent videos of seven-day clips without the need of subscribing to a service plan.

In addition, Ooma Smart Cam is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layers while transmitting video from various range. The includes, from the camera to the cloud, and from video to your viewing system to prevent snooping.

Guide on the Installation of New Ooma Smart Cam Indoor/Outdoor HD Security Camera

However, the Ooma Smart Cam is compacted and elegantly designed for product protection alongside an easy-to-use installation. You can place the camera anywhere in your home either inside or outside and on the wall or ceiling. Actually, based on the process of installing the camera you don’t need wire or eve base station as it connects to your home Wi-Fi.

The Ooma Smart Cam comes with a magnetic wall mount which also you to place the camera on the wall mount. Then you can now turn on the camera and download the Ooma Smart Cam app on Google play store or iTunes app store. Finally, you then connect the camera with the app to begin to monitor your home.


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