Progressive Car Insurance – Coverages, Discounts & Costs


Why is Progressive Bad to A Good Car Insurance

What is the best car insurance provider, who has the cheapest car insurance by state, and where can I find good car insurance in my location? All these are questions you should ask yourself when deciding to purchase car insurance. Mostly all insurance companies tend to offer car insurance policies and all have the same coverage. Therefore, it’s difficult to find the best insurance coverage or policy. Find out more about Progressive car insurance.

Furthermore, several insurance companies come with the same coverage and the price varies by state. But when shopping for the best car insurance company in 2022/2023, you need to be smart in selecting a suitable policy that best suit you. Some of the things to watch out for include the discount, rate, price, and coverage all included in the policy. Progressive car insurance is one of the most popular and widely known car insurance providers in the United States.

Progressive Car Insurance - Coverages, Discounts & Costs

According to reports, Progressive is considered top 3 best car insurance companies in the United States with a wide range of insurance services and products such as car insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, and many other insurance products.

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What is Progressive Car Insurance

Similar to the concept of how car insurance works or the definition behind car insurance. Progressive car insurance is an auto insurance quote that provides you protection for financial loss again unforeseen events such as theft, accident, and more. These provide you with coverage that you need to stay protected and covered while on the road or at home.

According to reports, Progressive is the No.1 commercial auto insurer in the United States and expand its services to various services. It offers you competitive car insurance coverage that suits you and also amazing discounts that makes savings simple and convenient. It customizes auto insurance coverage and helps you to personalize coverage that best suit you in other to get the best affordable car insurance coverage.

Progressive Pros & Cons


  • Offers a variety of policy discounts.
  • It offers 24/7/365 customer service support.
  • Lower than average customer complaints.


  • Price varies on how you purchase which makes it very expensive.
  • Policies can be on the more expensive side.
  • Competitors receive lots of customer satisfaction ratings.

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Type of Progressive Car Insurance Coverage

Ranging from accidents and windshield damage to injury and more, Progressive offer the type of coverage that you need to stay protected such as liability, comprehensive and collision, uninsured and underinsured motorist, and roadside assistance.


This got you covered on the expense you are required to pay if you are the cause of the accident. It covers property damage and injuries, and court and attorney costs. Only if you are the cause of the accident.

Comprehensive and Collision

This protects your car from any form of accident that is unexpected. Comprehensive coverage offers coverage cost on repairs or replacements of your vehicle if caused by damage from theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, fire, and other natural causes.

Collision coverage covers the expenses of damage to your vehicle regardless of whose fault it’s whether yours or the other party’s.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

They protect drivers that can’t afford the damage done to their car. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) pays for your injuries and damaged property from an accident caused by the driver who does not have car insurance.

Roadside Assistance

If your car breaks down on the road, you don’t need to worry has roadside assistance assists you to pays for towing of your vehicle or car. Other services also include flat tire changes, fuel delivery, and many others.

Auto Insurance Discount Offered by Progressive

For more access to incredible betters and chances of saving more on your insurance comes the Progressive car discounts. These provide a great way to save which makes it saving simple and convenient. Here is the following auto insurance discount:

Bundle auto and property insurance

This allows you to save an average of 4% on your car insurance with a combination of home, renters, or condo insurance.

Snapshot: drive safe and save more

Progressive Snapshot program help to customize your auto insurance rate according to the way you drive. The safer you are on the road, the more you save.

Compare car insurance quotes

Use AutoQuote Explorer to free access to car insurance quotes and compare different insurers’ prices with the same coverage to find the most affordable rate that suits you.

Try Name Your Price

Use the Progressive Name Your Price Tool that informs progressive what you want to pay for your car insurance policy. Afterward, the coverage option will be provided to you based on the price you made.

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Who Needs a Car Insurance?

If you are wondering who needs car insurance or why do you need car insurance? As long as you own a car or are about to own one, it’s important you have a car insurance policy. Mostly all the state in the United States requires car insurance specifically liability coverage.

To financially protect yourself from the large cost of spending accidents caused by you. Or if you want to protect yourself if you are responsible for someone else’s injuries or property damage, it’s important you need car insurance. In addition, with the available coverage, the company will pay for the repair or replace your vehicle.

How Much is Progressive Car Insurance by State

According to a report by Progressive, the average monthly price for a liability-only car insurance policy cost $71 in Wisconsin and $185 in Delaware. Here are some of the following average costs of Progressive car insurance by state

Low-cost states

The average monthly price is $78 and the total six-month policy average cost $466 in states such as California, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Medium cost states

The average monthly price cost $100 and the total six-month policy average cost $601 in states such as Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Texas, and Utah.

High-cost states

The average monthly price cost $146 and the total six-month policy average cost $877 in states such as Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

How to Get Affordable/Cheap Car Insurance at Progressive

Mostly, what people tend to find is an affordable car insurance policy. However, with the right method, you can use to find cheap car insurance at progressive. Here are the following ways to get affordable car insurance rates at progressive:

  • Compare rates
  • Use Name Your Price Tool
  • Try Snapshot.

Mostly, you can find out more about the discount method to find the cheapest auto insurance policy at Progressive.


What is car insurance?

Car insurance is an insurance policy that protects you from financial loss by covering your expenses if you have a covered accident. Instead of you having to pay for the cost of damage on your car or pay for a medical bill for an injured person cost by you, your auto insurance steps in to pay for some of the expense or all.

How do I file a car insurance claim with Progressive?

There are several ways to file a car insurance claim with Progressive. 1, you can start by logging in to your policy to file a car insurance claim. Secondly, you can call the progressive customer service phone number or use the progressive app.

Does Progressive have insurance agents?

Yes, Progressive has over 35,000 licensed independent agents and brokers where you can access a variety of insurance policies not only from Progressive but also from other insurance companies. There are lots of insurance agents within your location or community.  

Does Progressive offer Accident Forgiveness?

Yes, Progressive offers policyholders various accident forgiveness programs that are useful in wearing offer extra rates after an accident. Access the Accident Forgiveness feature to see more about the forgiveness program.

What do I need to get an auto insurance quote?

To get an auto insurance quote, there is certain information needed that includes details about your car, driving history, and VIN to get the most accurate quote.


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