Reolink Argus Pro : Wire-Free Battery or Solar Powered Security Cam 2021


The rate at which wire-less cameras seems to become rampage in the market of security cameras is ramping up very quickly. Aside from the fact that Arlo started it all. However, Reolink has done a marvelous job with it lines of Reolink Argus cameras. Now having three Argus models under it production and another coming it the way. As made the platform become one of the biggest competitors based on quality cameras and bang for your buck. The new Reolink Argus Pro, a reliable, unlimited local recording and comes with the solar kit which you don’t need to recharge.

Reolink Argus Pro : Wire-Free Battery or Solar Powered Security Cam 2021

The Reolink Argus Pro 1080p HD wire-free security camera is basically based for an outdoor surveillance system. Argus Pro is designed with weather-resistant which is able to resist any unfavorable or harsh condition such as heavy rain, extreme sunshine, and heavy wind. The camera comes with a rechargeable battery using a solar panel to power the battery, and a lot more. However, you can view more features of the Reolink Argus Pro.

Overview Features of the Reolink Argus Pro 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera 

Having reviewed the Argus 2 camera, the Argus Pro seem similar to the Argus 2 and both cameras have identical features. In fact, the only differences between both cameras are the CMOS sensor which has been changed from the Starlight to more standard, and mounting the camera is no longer magnetic. Here are the features:

Reolink Argus Pro Smart Night Vision

The Smart Argus Pro night vision is enhanced with 2MP (1920×1080) high resolution in 15 frames/sec as well as 6pcs 850nm Infrared LEDs light. With the enhancement displayed sharp and crystal-clear videos/images while you’re asleep. Plus, with the improved CMOS sensor and night vision which is advanced to 33 feet offer you more clear and colorful view.

Multiple Charging Methods

The wire-free Argus Pro is designed with 5200mAh high capacity rechargeable battery. With a long-lasting power per charge of the battery. Moreover, the camera also comes with a universal DC 5V 2A phone power adapter allows you to charge the camera. Plus, you can also use the Reolink solar panel to also power the camera.

Motion Detection Alerts

The wireless security camera also comes with push notification and email alerts. This allows you to receive automatic news of live view whenever motion is detected. Within the field view angle to your smartphone. At the same time, with the siren in 75db and customizable voice alert automatically wakes up to deter the unwanted.

Motion Detection Record

The camera has an SD card slot where you can input extra storage cloud. To save motion-triggered videos into the provides SD card. Plus allows to save then to the Reolink Cloud. With the Reolink Cloud, you don’t need to worry about whether your devices will be stolen or that your MicroSD is broken.

2-way Audio, Hear and TalkBack

With the built-in microphone and speaker allows you to be able to hear what’s going outside your home. Even talk back at them and also allow users to chase off intruders. With just a single touch without you having to be there.

Smart Siren with Custom Sounds

This allows you to also set up a voice alarm of your own which can be based on your specific needs while you choose custom sounds. Moreover, the adjustable PIR schedule allows you to have control over the time activity motion detection of the cameras to your own convenient time.

Remote Multi-screen Live Streaming

This provides users to connect using a countless number of devices with the use of the Reolink app. In other to view live streaming. With this offer, you access to up to 32 channels on desktops, and 16 channels on phone app to remotely live view with multi-screen.

Control your Camera, Hands-free  

Note it more convenient than just sitting down at the office or living room controlling very single activities using the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can also view live streaming from the Argus Pro on the Google Nest Hub, and Chromecast-enabled TVs.

In addition, download the Reolink app or Client from the iOS app store, Google play store, Mac app store. Even on the Windows Microsoft store. For you to be able to access the live streaming feed anywhere, anytime using on your internet-connected devices.

Guide to Install the Reolink Argus Pro 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera

Moreover, the Reolink Argus Pro is compatible with the Reolink Cloud. It encrypted with off-site backup to keep your video footage secure. Also a playback video to access anytime from anywhere. The camera is packed with a Rechargeable battery, Argus Pro, Outdoor Security Mount, Skin, Rest needle. Surveillance sign, Mounting hole template, Micro USB cable, Pack of Screws and lastly the QuickStart guide.  

In addition, you can read what is inside the quick start guide to learn more. In summary of that, all you need to do is first, find a place to mount the camera. Download the app, and connect the camera to wire with the Reolink app on your smartphone.


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