Ring Floodlight Cam Outdoor Security Camera with Motion-Activated HD


Perhaps, you are looking for a smart home security camera and don’t know what spec best fits your home? Countless numbers of home security cameras provide surveillance for your home against burglars, thieve, kidnappers, or any form of irrelevant activity. Nowadays, businesses, companies, presidential villas, and other respective areas make use of security cameras. The Ring Floodlight Cam security cameras are one of the top-notch home surveillance systems used in today’s modern world.

Ring Floodlight Cam Outdoor Security Camera with Motion-Activated HD

The Ring Floodlight Cam is currently one of the latest additions to the growing line of the home security system. Based on the evolution of outdoor security cameras, Ring Floodlight Cam provides maximum protection to your home with a built-in motion-activated, structured floodlight, a siren alarm, and also two-way audio. In other to secure and monitor your home during the daytime and nighttime. However, the security also delivers a crystal-clear HD video and a subscription service to stream recorded videos from your mobile phone.

Outdoor Security Camera- Features of Ring Floodlight Cam

Compare to other outdoor home security cameras, Ring Floodlight Cam offers users the most reliable and well-integrated features to keep surveillance of your home, against a burglar, thieve, criminal, or any other person. Like

1080p HD Video with Live View

Just as mention above, the outdoor security camera offers you a crystal-clear video in full 1080p HD video. Also enables you to keep tap with things important to you at any time with Live View which comes in on-demand and audio.

Motion-Activated Alerts

The security is sensitive to motion with a built-in dual sensor and person detection to help detect any movement. Giving you instant alert direct to your phone, tablet, or Pc when it spots any movement or triggers the built-in motion sensors.

Two-Way Talk

With your mobile phone, you can hear and speak to people once they tamper on your property. With the integrated microphone and speakers.

Remote-Activated Siren

This particular feature allows you to scare away any suspicious person you see from the camera. Thereby activating the siren through your mobile phone or even on your PC.

Ultra-Bright LED Floodlights

The Ring Floodlights Cam is integrated with two motion-activated ultra-bright floodlights. Whereby during the night, you can turn on the light on a suspicious event outside your home.

Advanced Motion Detection

In other to get a clear vision of some areas it allows you to select motion zones to get more view on important areas of your yard.

Work With Alexa

By integrating Alexa with your Ring Floodlight Cam, you can control your views and also launch on-demand video once it hears your voice.

Outdoor Security Camera- How to Install the Ring Floodlight Cam

However, the installation process takes up to 5-10 minutes. The Ring Floodlight Cam fixture is integrated and adjustable which is therefore meant to be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Below are the required steps to install your security camera:

  • Turn off power to the light fixture that you want to remove and work on.
  • Download the Ring app and then create an account.
  • Next, you need to remove the existing light fixture and also existing wiring.
  • Then open the ring box and remove Ring Floodlight mounting bracket.
  • Next, install the mounting bracket on the wall or ceiling.
  • Then adjust the mounting bracket to a lever for the main light fixture installation.
  • Gently unscrew the ground screen from the mounting bracket. To secure the floodlight on the ground screw by using the ground wire.
  • Then connect each wire to the main wire point.
  • Then carefully stuff the excess wire back in the junction box.
  • Place the camera in the position where you want to monitor.

Afterward, once you have successfully installed the security camera. You can then sign into the app and turn on the power cable. Then once the bottom of the floodlight shows a flash blue indicating it is ready for pairing.


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