Paid Teaching & TEFL Program in South Korea With Visa Sponsorship


Get paid Teaching & TEFL Program in South Korea with Visa Sponsorship, Do you want to get paid to teach English in South Korea?  This is the right time for you to apply for the TEFL program in South Korea with Visa Sponsorship which allows you to teach English in Korean schools. For applicants that is interesting in getting paid to travel the world in 2022. This is very simple, all you need to do is get your TEFL certified with ITA where you can teach the English language in South Korea and enjoy savings of above $15,000 per year. Learn more about Paid Teaching & TEFL Program in South Korea with Visa Sponsorship.

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Paid Teaching & TEFL Program in South Korea with Visa Sponsorship

During to the recent pandemic (COVID) that hit the world, the job market has been widely opened to millions of applicants to apply for teaching jobs in South Korea to teach the English language. Plus, this comes with amazing benefits. However, one of the requirements to teach English and get paid in South Korea is that you must have a TEFL certificate, meaning you must be certified. Also, a 4-year university degree and a clean background check-up are required.

What is TEFL Qualification

TEFL is fully known as Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a certificate that shows the excellence of being able to teach English as a foreign language. As a matter of fact, with a TEFL certificate, you can be able to teach not only in South Korea but in other countries that are non-English speaking countries.

However, in securing your application for the position of teaching the English language, you need to provide a valid TEFL certification. This shows the proof that you are a professional-level training that meets the requirement for international recognition when applying for teaching jobs outside the country.

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To get a TEFL certificate, you can apply for the TEFL course online, where you can go through the course program duration. Once you sit for the exam and pass, you will be awarded a TEFL certificate.

Reason Why Do You Need to Teach English in South Korea?

South Korea is a fascinating country to visit because of its culture, lifestyle, and experiencing a new world. However, there are some of the reason why you need to teach English in South Korea.

  • If you’re looking to earn big money abroad with 1-year solid teaching experience and traveling.
  • South Korea is an incredible country if you’re looking to move to a developed country with an opportunity to earn great money while doing what you love.
  • Aside from the fact that the cost of living is high in South Korea, there are other potential ways to earn huge money.

Travel Opportunities Included in Teaching English in South Korea

South Korea is a small country, but beautiful country with diverse landscapes and interesting places to visit. During your stay in Korea, you are given the opportunity to explore beautiful and interesting places. Besides, you’ll be awarded lots of benefits that include free furnished accommodation, a flight to South Korea reimbursed, and more.  

How to Apply for Paid Teaching & TEFL Program in South Korea with Visa Sponsorship

There are different traveling agencies you can contact to find out available teaching jobs in South Korea. Likewise, you can make use of other online job search platforms like Gooverseas,, and others to find available jobs. Currently, there is one available at which you can visit and check out the application process.


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