Temporary Car Insurance Companies


What are the best temporary car insurance companies? Sometimes, you may not need a car for a long period of time. And getting along term insurance policy for the car can be a waste of time and money. So, this is where the temporary car insurance company comes in. Temporary Car insurance is known as short-term car insurance that protects you from financial car damage and liability for only a short while.

Temporary Car Insurance Companies

This type of insurance comes in handy when you only need car insurance for a week or day. Temporary car insurance is usually good for up to a month but you can extend it or just purchase the long-term policy if you need insurance for a long while. It is important to be protected if you want to use your car for a short while than risk not having insurance at all.

If you have been searching the internet for the Best temporary car insurance and found no good answer, I welcome you to the right article. To save you the stress of searching all around, we have compiled the best temporary car insurance companies for 2023 in this article. Read to the very end to know more about the companies.

5 Best Temporary Car Insurance Companies

Without much ado, here is the list of the best temporary car insurance companies in 2023 and an explanation. Check them out;


Nationwide is the number on this list of best temporary car insurance companies in 2023. This company offers the best temporary cover with no cancellation fees required. It provided an online estimate tool on it official website and can be easily set up in a few seconds. Another good thing is that this company offers classic car coverage with very low rates and flexible coverage.

According to Nationwide, the company’s classic insurance is very cheaper than the normal car policy. And can make use of the Vanishing deductible that helps to reduce deductibles through the Save SmartRide program. Bundle your insurance policies with this company and get to enjoy more options for coverage. You can get quotes today at the nationwide official website.


We can say Geico is a good temporary car insurance for multiple coverages. And that is because it helps to save up to 25 % on multi-car discounts and this makes it the highest saving among big car insurance companies. Its temporary car insurance is very affordable and it is available in all 50 states in the USA.  With Geico, the more policies you own, the more you get to save. Another good thing is that it offers an extra discount when you hold more policies and insure more than one car.


USAA provides incredible temporary car insurance benefits and perks to its customers. You can easily insure your car temporarily at the company and enjoy extra discounts. This provider has a lot to offer even if it is just for a short whole.  And over the years, USAA has made a very good name for itself with amazing customer service and good coverage options.

To purchase temporary car insurance from this company, you must be a retired or active military, mind, reserves, or cadet. Veterans and family members of the military members are also allowed to purchase from this company. With this insurance provider, you will get to enjoy lots of coverage benefits and discounts.


This insurance provider is widely known for collector cars. And the reason is that it provides value for your collector car and good coverage. It mainly focuses on classic collector or collector cars and has lots of experience in temporary car insurance.  If you have any classic or collector you wish to insure temporarily, Hagerty is a very good choice.


With the help of the progressive official website and mobile app, you can easily file claims for temporary car insurance. Take a snapshot of the damage with the photo estimate tool and send it to the claim specialist in charge. Progressive temporary car insurance will help protect your vehicle from damage for a while. To get the quote for the policy, visit the Progressive official website or contact customer support. However, note that this company does not offer estimates so your credit may be pulled for you to get a quote.

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