Travel Tips to Prevent Identity Theft on Vacation


Travel Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft on Vacation

What are the travel tips to help prevent identity theft on vacation? In recent times, preparing for a vacation is more than just packing your bags and making sure you have your complete documents. If you are going on vacation this season, there are steps you need to take to prevent identity while traveling and on vacation.

According to research, over 50% of people manage to lose some sensitive information while on vacation, from credit and debit cards to passports and driver’s licenses. And not only can this ruin your trip, but it can also expose you to financial fraud, danger, and identity theft.

Travel Tips to Prevent Identity Theft on Vacation

However, with good planning, you can help protect yourself, and your personal information and also enjoy your vacation. Follow this article to the very end to check out amazing tips to help prevent identity theft on vacation.

Travel Tips to Prevent Identity Theft on Vacation

As you are going on your vacation, the last thing you want to think about is identity theft. But sadly, traveling with your financial and personal information can put you at a big risk of having your identity stolen.  Here are the travel tips that can help you prevent identity theft;

Guard Your Important Documents

If you must carry your important documents such as bank statements, social security cards, checkbooks, and credit or debit cards for your vacation, you must always protect them. Especially if you are going to a location known for pickpocketing. Or going to a place packed with different people which you will be easily distracted.  

You should carry a small amount of money, one ID card, and one credit card in the public. Make use of a cross-body style purse and always keep it closed. You can also consider keeping your money in a money belt under your shirt

Do not leave important documents in hotel rooms

Normally, anything you keep in a hotel room should be safe from third parties. However, this is not always the same. Since you cannot guarantee that some will get their hands on documents or items you keep in your room. Stay ahead by not leaving any information there in the first place.

Do not look like a target during vacation

This is an important tip you need to remember in order to prevent identity theft on vacation. Do not look like an easy target. Because pickpockets look for cash-laden and distracted tourists. Put on clothes that are similar to what you see in locals. Never wear clothing that makes you stand out much. Also, while walking around, try not to look lost. And pull-out maps secretly, if you must

Use Only Bank ATMs

It is very popular among identity thieves to install card readers in ATMs by which they can access your Card pin and number. And this mostly happens at non-bank generic ATMs like convenience stores, hotels, etc. Which have less oversight and easy to access than hosted and back-run ATMs. Make sure you stick with the one at the bank during vacations. Although they can still be compromised, they tend to be less targeted by thieves.

Keep Your Cell Phone Safe and Secure

Cell Phones are vulnerable since you have them on you always. They typically have applications on them that give access to personal information and details. If there is anything that you can easily lose or have stolen, it is a Smartphone. To protect your phone, set a password on it, and before traveling consider deleting sensitive apps, social networks, and more. As they are very easy to reinstall when you get home.

Also, remain wary of suspicious websites and emails. You are more likely to click on malware links on your phone than on your computer.

Avoid Public WI-FI or computer during the Vacation

Try to avoid using a public computer or Wifi. But if you must do, do not share your personal information, and make sure you log out of any website you visit. Also, do not do any bill paying or banking.

Do not share your whereabouts with strangers

Be very cautious about what you post on social media while you go on vacation. Also, do not tell people you do not know about where you are going. Depending on your account settings, strangers and potential thieves may be able to see your post and know you are on vacation. This might give them a chance to attack you.

Check your credit report, bank account, and credit card accounts

If you made it through the vacation without any incident make sure you check your credit report, bank accounts, and credit accounts. This will ensure that there are no unexpected changes or show you otherwise.  Also, make sure you change the password for websites and account you access on public computers and internet connection. And if you figure out any problems when you return, make sure you take action immediately

What to do if your Identity is stolen while on Vacation

If you or your family member were victims of identity theft while traveling, you need to take good action instantly;

  • If your passport was stolen or lost on vacation, call the nearest embassy for help
  • If your debit or credit card is missing, call your bank or card issuer
  • Change usernames, passwords, and security questions for anything that was stolen or lost
  • Freeze your credit reports

Thieves always look for ways to make money. And your identity offers a way to do that, whether you use it to set up fraudulent accounts or by sell the information on Dark Web. Do not let your guard down during vacation, always pay attention and remember to lock down your identity.


How can you protect your identity while traveling?

  • Guard Your Important Documents
  • Do not leave important documents in hotel rooms
  • Do not look like a target during vacation
  • Use Only Bank ATMs
  • Keep Your Cell Phone Safe and Secure
  • Avoid Public WI-FI or computer during the Vacation
  • Do not share your whereabouts with strangers
  • Do not look like a target during vacation
  • Check your credit report, bank account, and credit card accounts

What are four 4 ways to prevent your identity from being stolen?

  • Destroy private records and statements
  • Secure your mail.
  • Safeguard your Social Security number.
  • Never let your credit card out of your sight.

What are 3 steps you should always take to prevent identity ID theft?

  • Freeze your credit.
  • Collect mail daily.
  • Review credit card and bank statements regularly.
  • Shred documents containing personal information before disposing of them.

How do I protect my wallet when traveling?

Money belts and neck wallets are the best options to protect your wallet when traveling.

How do I hide my passport when traveling?

Hiding is the best option to protect your passport when traveling. Keeping your passport protected is important and use a money belt which can be worn around your waist or neck to hide your passport.


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