What is LinkedIn Lead Generation? Everything you need to know


What is LinkedIn Lead Generation? What does lead generation ads on LinkedIn look like or how can I get started with lead generation on LinkedIn? When it comes to marketing, lead generation serves as a way of establishing customer interest through products or services.

What is LinkedIn Lead Generation? Everything you need to know

Using leads serves as different purposes of businesses which includes list building or for sales leads. However, the marketing strategy use in generating leads actually depends on the advertising platform which might includes non-paid source.

In terms of the best lead generation platform, LinkedIn stand out as the number one best lead generation platform for marketers.

What is LinkedIn Lead Generation?

LinkedIn lead generation or lead generation ads on LinkedIn is considered by marketer as the number one best dedicated platform for lead generation.

The platform offers you powerful tools when you can use professional demographic to best understand your audience and also help to target the people for your business.

Lead generation LinkedIn provides you with contact information about a customer that shows interest in your services or products. Generally, sales and marketing leads are the two main type of lead generation when it comes to marketing.

Learn more about the lead generation ads on LinkedIn and view the step on how you can get started in generating more lead for your business.

Is LinkedIn Good for Lead Generation

If for a particular reason you’re wondering whether LinkedIn is a suitable or good lead generating tool for lead generation.

Yes, aside from being good, LinkedIn is known to be the best lead generation for markets. In terms of lead generation, marketers has rated LinkedIn has the number 1 platform for generating lead. On LinkedIn, you can find quality leads come from potential or quality audience with the right tool to target the right people.

Benefits of Lead Generation LinkedIn

In general search engine advertising, email tracking pixel, and display network are some of the factors use in generating leads. As we all know, LinkedIn is one the top social networking platform where professionals and business use to connect with people. Some of the reason why marketers use lead generation ads on LinkedIn includes:

  1. Professional Demographic: this provide you with data and contact information based on engagement on your ads.
  2. Matched Audiences: this allows you to personalize your target option which you can easily reach contact, retarget website visitors and more.
  3. Sponsored Content: it another powerful tool of the lead generation that allows you to promote your business or company across various internet-connected devices.
  4. Lead Gen Forms: the Lead Gen Forms allows you to eradicate any obstacle to online conversion. Under this, when a visitor or audience click on your ads, it draft their information automatically through the filling of form.

According to reports, LinkedIn lead conversion is considered as the top rated or 3x higher than any other reputable ad platforms. Also, it offers you tools in which you can always measure the ROI with real-time reports on the campaign manager.

How to Get Started with Lead Generation Ads on LinkedIn

First of all, before you can get started with LinkedIn lead generation, you need to sign up for a LinkedIn account.

Only LinkedIn account owner are allowed to create a lead generation ads with LinkedIn. There are 8 steps to get started with the LinkedIn lead generation.

This includes the following:

  1. Go to Lead Generation Ads on LinkedIn page.
  2. This will direct you to the LinkedIn lead generation ads page.
  3. Click, Create ad to get started.
  4. Enter your Account name, select currency, and provide a LinkedIn page with your account. Keep in mind, you can create a new LinkedIn page if you don’t have one.
  5. Then, click Agree and Create account.
  6. This will open up the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.
  7. Create your first Campaign by providing information under this following, audience, ad format, placement, buget & schedule, and conversion tracking.
  8. Next, you can set up ads.

Finally, after following out the information under Set up Campaign and Set up Ads. The next thing you need to do is review the information you provided again and click Launch when completed.


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