Why Momentum Cori Will Make You Question Everything


Implementing surveillance systems for your home is a wonderful investment that allows you to keep an eye on things that matter and matter not. Initially, security cameras provide an assurance knowing that your home and families are well protected against vulnerable events. Today, there are various companies with the best home security cameras to choose from. But when selecting a security camera, it must be flexible, reliable, compatible, and must have high-generation security features. One of the recommended ones is the New Momentum Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera.

Why Momentum Cori Will Make You Question Everything

The Momentum Cori HD is one of the impressive security cameras to help watch over your kids, pets, and your family. The camera is affordable and delivers crystal clear day & night live stream recording in full 720p video. However, the Cori camera is flexible which can be mounted anywhere around your home to babysit your kids, friends, family, and events as it unfolds. In other for you not to miss out on any footage, the Momentum Cori HD is designed with 720p resolution and 110-degree wide-angle viewing image to be able to cover some areas.

Overview Features of the New Momentum Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera

Basically, the Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera comes with reliable, personal home property, and give users a confident monitoring solution of Wi-Fi security camera. The Cori is built-in with high-generation security features including the following:

Momentum Cori Exclusive Night Vision

Thanks to the integrated Momentum’s forward technology bring improvement into its security during the night. With the night vision, streaming live view is clearer and brighter than most other cameras.

Momentum Cori Exclusive Motion Sensor

The built-in IR Motion Sensor is more advanced, reliable, and accurate when it comes to detecting movement. It helps to get rid of false activation and offers you a customizable feature. That allows you to create zones and adjustable sensors.

Super Wide Viewing Angle

The Cori is small and best fits the size of your palm with a 110 wide-angle view. It allows you to rotate the camera to see more angles in other to keep your home secure.

Real-Time Two-Way Talk

Access the best out of the Cori through the App with Two-way audio. This allows you to communicate with people or anything while you’re out of the house.

Real-Time Video Stream

Without the benefit of the doubt, with the Cori, you can see everything as it happens on your mobile phone via the mobile app.

No Batteries, No Recharging

Moreover, the Cori home camera built-in with a mini USB power supply. This provides constant monitoring view whereby most cameras with batteries either get wet, give out or even run out of supply.

Free 24Hr Cloud Storage

It offers you lifetime access to keep recording without additional costs. Including Full HD 720p via the Momentum app. As well as live view on-demand videos, screenshots, and also multiple zoom functions.

Instant Alerts & Custom Rules

The Momentum Cori HD is also built-in with motion detection. Plus, push notification, and custom rules & scheduling. This allows you to set up notifications mode whenever any of the following is been triggered via the Momentum app.

In addition, the Momentum app allows you to stay connected, receive, alerts. As well as, create activity zones, access free storage, and lots more. The app compatibles with android and iOS devices, you can get it from the iTunes app store or the Google Play Store.

Installation of the New Momentum Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera

Unlike other traditional ways of setting up a security camera which costs lots of money and maintenances to keep up with the performance of the camera. The Momentum Cori HD doesn’t require any form of costs or additional expenses to install. You can operate the camera manually and easy-to-use via the app.

Within 5 minutes you can conveniently install the camera anywhere in your home. With three steps, place or mount the camera anywhere. Connect the camera to the Wi-Fi with the Momentum app via your phone and connect the camera to start recording. 

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